Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of studying with Westerners in India? 

Training with Western yoga teachers on Indian soil is a symbiotic relationship between the roots of the ancient yoga tradition and the contemporary lifestyle of the west.

While many seekers head to India to deepen their yoga practice and learn to become teachers, they often exit the program with a strong experience of yoga while lacking a deep understanding of how to actually teach it or even put it into a personal practice.

We personally know teachers who have studied in India and had to repeat their training once they returned to the western world. In their experience there wasn’t enough explanation or hands on training to actually build a teaching practice.

Through our travels in India we have witnessed first hand 200 hour training programs that are abominable. Just because they are Yoga Alliance certified does not mean that they are empowering you to teach. Yoga is as strong a business in India as it is in the united states. Those seeking training programs for less than $2000.00 usd should be very mindful and do appropriate research before committing.

With our program we have been teaching in the west for a collective 30 plus years. We understand the process of integrating ancient Indian teachings and yoga lifestyle within a contemporary western context. We empower you to teach safely and to build your practice from the ground up.

Will there be Indian teachers involved in the program?

We love India, Yoga, Indian culture, atmosphere, food, music, celebrations, politics. We love it all. We integrate local Indian masters into our program so that there is a true union of Eastern and Western culture.

Can anyone do this training?

We believe that the practice of yoga is meant for all bodies, races, sexes and affiliations. Prana does not judge or reserve itself only for this or that type of person. Prana comes when it is activated and we should all have access to the tools that beckon activation. Yoga and yoga lifestyle is this tool. Therefore, this training is open to all beings.

To get 200 hours, will we be doing 10 hours/classes, etc. every day? Do you have a breakdown of what days will look like?

We will practice 6 days a week with our studies beginning in the morning with a physical practice followed by discussion throughout our communal breakfast. We will have a long break in the day for homework and continued study ( you will be required to teach one another and yes there will be homework too) as well as leisure. We will meet again to practice in the evening with more studies and discussions throughout dinner. We will have some local guest teachers as well as a visit to an ashram to partake in some Hindu ceremonies.There will also be karma yoga hours and post retreat “business of yoga” follow up which will include creating a mock social media/ webiste. All in all we will get 200 hours in!

What you can expect to learn:

History of Yoga
The Yoga Sutras
Types of Yoga : Hatha, Vinyaysa, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative Yoga postures: Standing Poses, Standing balances, forward bends, back bends, twists, inversions,
Yoga and the Aquarian Age
Business of Yoga
What style of yoga will I be learning? 

Our alignment and anatomy studies are rooted in the tradition of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, also known as the grandfather of yoga. From a strong foundation and clear understanding of the body, we introduce sequencing that stems from the traditions of Hatha, Hatha-Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and Yoga Nidra.

In this way, emerging teachers can create a class that can go most anywhere, tailoring to all types of bodies, while bringing diversity to studios that are not a homogenized brand that require many years of deep study (Example: Iyengar, Anusara. Ashtanga, etc.).

You will graduate with a 200-hour certificate in Hatha- Vinyasa Yoga. With this you will be able to teach and also (if you wish) pursue a deeper study of any one lineage or topic that was covered in the course.

Amanda was trained in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga ad has been actively teaching for 13 years. She also integrates Yin and Restorative yoga into her sequencing. She has a background in shamanism, sacred traditions and healing work. She will share her love and practice of the subtle body and esoteric side of the practice as well as yoga philosophy and what it means to develop a daily practice.

Any 200 hour training is designed to give you a strong foundation so that you meet the qualifications to teach while exposing you to practices that you can choose to deepen on your own. It’s all about learning the structure then exploring what direction you want to go in as a practitioner and teacher.

What’s the process for getting the certification to teach post-trip?

Its just a matter of sending in your info and adding it to the directory. Not too much red tape.

I’m super pale and burn easily. Will the classes and yoga be in direct sunlight, or will there be the option to practice in shade?

Lets protect your skin! Its definitely a covered studio space and we will be very mindful of staying out of the direct sun. Our practices will be in the am and pm so you can shelter yourself as needed in the middle of the day.

Do I need a Visa to travel to India?

Yes you will need a visa. Check out the requiremnts here:

What should I do to prepare for this? Once you are fully committed you will receive a reading list to get your wheels spinning and preparing you for the journey as well as some preparatory homework closer to the date of the training.

Make sure that when you leave for the journey that all your ducks are in a row so to speak. You’ll want to give yourself permission to be fully present, not worrying about other situations back home or with your job/ relationships etc. Obviously life happens so we will support you wherever you are coming from, but if you can do your best to align your life to where it feels you can devote your full attention to your training that would be best!