Mentorship For Yoga Teachers

Take your yoga teaching practice to the next level!

Either you haven’t found the strength of your teaching voice or you’ve lost the inspiration and the know how to stay afloat in the wild and choppy sea of the yoga biz!

Learn to teach from your heart and the heart of your personal practice. Discover new ways to create teaching opportunities, retreats and workshops.

Sessions can be done in person or over video application such as skype, facetime and whatsapp.



Business of Yoga

Creating Strategies for Growth


Social media

Website Review and Critique

Retreat and Workshop Development

Auditions / Creating Your Own Opportunities


Teaching Practice

Assists, Touch and Intuition

Empower Your Teaching Through Dharma

Awaken Your Voice with Mantra and Affirmations

Classes Creation and Soul Offering

Private Clients and the Ongoing Relationship


Option to Apprentice in Person Via Classroom Location and Participate in Retreats at Cost!



This is a 6-week program, One session per week. 

$725.00 for a full 6 week immersion designed specifically to meet your goals.

150.00 Single Session for those that need some practical advise and not as much accountability.

All sessions are 60 -90 minutes depending on the needs and goals of each client.