Workplace Meditation


Think of it like “nap time” for the working adult!

Each session will recharge, reset and boost the focus of your entire team. Imagine a space where your team could go, for even a few minutes, to plug back in to the purpose of their work day. Imagine more focused and driven employees for more hours during the work week.

Top 5 Reasons to Meditate in the Workplace

Meditation can be done anywhere.

Meditation can be done for a few minutes and still be highly impactful.

A group meditation is easier to facilitate than a group yoga class ( minimal space, minimal props, minimal outfit changes )

Meditation leads to productivity, less stress and greater contentment.

Meditation can be done on a full or empty stomach.

Meditation is an injury free practice.


You Will Provide:

 A space where participants can sit (on the floor or in chairs).

A 30 – 60 minute time slot for participants and use of space.


Introduction to Meditation 

In this seven session series participants explore various types of meditation practices garnering tools to develop a personal practice.

This series is encouraged for small teams within the work environment.

Consider this a type of “retreat” to not only gain an incredible life tool, but to build better relations and communication among co-workers. Throughout the seven sessions we “get to know each other” by sharing our experiences of the techniques via discussion and feedback.

Silent Meditation

In this 30 to 60 minute, open session, participants are encouraged to join the meditation as they are available to do so.

Participants do not need to be present the entire time.

The space will be conducted in a meditative manner so that even if the participant can only sit for a few minutes they will receive the benefits of the practice. For those that can afford to sit longer the space will be available for them to do so.

Participants are encouraged to silently meditate while receiving simple guidance from the instructor.

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