My students are my greatest teachers!

Best Yoga Teacher in Brooklyn! Amanda is one the best teachers in Brooklyn. She is a tapped in to the yoga and spirituality but also has a grasp on real life so her classes are a great way to bridge whats happening in your daily life, while connecting with your spirit. Her classes are the prefect balance between hard work and complete relaxation. And who doesn’t love a sound bath during shavasana!!” – Emily (photographer)

I always feel inspired to deepen my practice after Amanda’s classes. She has a way of gently challenging the class with asana while keeping the mood light. There’s a truthfulness and awareness that comes out in her classes that allows me to really experience yoga spiritually and physically. Her flow classes are fun, adjustments gentle and efficient. You get it all here. Mind body and soul. Love her!” – Corrine (designer)

I’ve taken dozens of classes with Amanda over the years. She always brings a wonderful presence to class. Her classes are original and does a great job of mixing in chanting, spirituality, asana and instruction. She is a beautiful person, super friendly and a committed teacher with a deep knowledge base.” – Pat (IT)

A True Guru
a preacher and a practicer
a magic-maker
soul stirrer
body builder
deep thinker
joy singer
grief walker
light bender
heart opener
sweat conjurer
gentle teacher
peaceful warrior
earth whisperer
star chanter – Jay (poet and musician)

Extraordinary yoga teacher
Amanda Capobianco has all the best qualities in a yoga teacher: vast skill and knowledge, meticulous preparation for class, empathy for students, and a really unparalleled instinct for keeping everyone engaged and challenged. Her classes have taught me in detail what the poses are about and how yoga philosophy applies. She’s a master at keeping everyone’s breathing in line with the poses, and her classes are so absorbing, you truly do not want them to end. She very generously makes sure every class is all a yoga class can be. – Mary (journalist)

I LOVE Amanda and her classes, and have been going to them for years. She is such a gifted teacher and healer, and her classes have really helped me expand as a yogi. She is also just a sweet, wonderful, and FUN human, which always helps! – Lauren (film maker)