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Tending the Fire of Tapas

(artwork by Yehrin Tong) Namaste! These last couple of days I have been noticing allot more resistance in myself than usual to getting ANYTHING done. I have been asking myself all sorts of questions to try and understand why. Was it a planetary shift? Maybe. Am I secretly mad at someone? I don’t think so.… Continue reading Tending the Fire of Tapas


Best Yoga in Brooklyn

"Best Yoga Teacher in Brooklyn" My yoga classes are safe, fun, intelligent, metaphysical, anatomical, sometimes flowing, sometimes not flowing, upbeat, low beat, shamanic, ceremonial and for all bodies. I suggest you come find me, introduce yourself, tell me your likes and dislikes about yoga, life and everything, take class and see if we are a… Continue reading Best Yoga in Brooklyn

Yoga Retreat

How a Yoga Teacher Training Course In India Can Impact Your Life!

When we have our heart set on becoming a yoga teacher, just how do we find the teacher training course thats right for us? With so many yoga teacher-training courses in the world, deciding which one is right for you can be tough. Do you stay at a studio close to home or adventure out… Continue reading How a Yoga Teacher Training Course In India Can Impact Your Life!

Yoga Retreat

Yoga Teacher Training India!

Our Teacher Training Course is a journey to empowerment. We empower yogis to develop a soul-centered practice that can one day be confidently shared with the world around them in an effort to spread the health, light, and love of yoga to all people of the Earth. We translate the traditions of yoga for the… Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training India!