Illuminate the Dark

  Namaste! Its been a very powerful last few weeks. Astrologically speaking there have been huge shifts in the sky as we are called deeper into the truth of our work, relationships and creativity. The planet is surely speaking to us through the elements of FIRE, WATER and AIR. It is heartbreaking to witness such [...]

How a Yoga Teacher Training Course In India Can Impact Your Life!

With so many yoga teacher-training courses in the world, deciding which one is right for you can be tough.   Do you stay at a studio close to home or adventure out to a foreign country? I have trained students in local environments and also abroad. Both have pros and cons. I lead a 200 [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Sagittarius and Jupiter!

My teacher’s teacher says that Sagittarius, symbolized by the centaur holding a bow and arrow, aims to shoot its arrows into the heart of the cosmos, the center of the universe. Welcome the Sagittarius Sun! Sagittarians are truth seekers and freedom fighters of the spirit. Forever seeking, learning and teaching. We (Yes, I am a [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Scorpio /Mars/Pluto

"With the sun in scorpio depth of perception becomes the norm. Everyone becomes much more aware of the mysteries of life. We are sensitive to the dark spaces within our own souls and more tuned in as well to depth connection with others around us." -Time Passages  There are high functioning Scorpios and there are [...]

How to Develop an Unshakable Spirit

 This past week has been one where I have felt the true fruits of my practice protecting and guiding me the entire way.    When we first begin practicing (most anything) there is an excitement and enthusiasm at the newness of it all. Finally we've set our priorities and committed to something that is going [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Libra and Venus

As I sit down to write the Libra Sun sits at 11 degrees. We are just beginning to steep in the harmonious energy of this lovely Sun sign. The leaves are beginning to fall here in Brooklyn. The temperature has dropped a bit and the conversation on the table is, “What and Who do I [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Virgo/Mercury

Wow! This end of summer breeze is beginning to ground my feet into the earth again. It no longer feels like such an uphill battle to get all of the little things taken care of, those day to day tasks and to do’s. In fact, I am feeling a sense of momentum and joy as [...]

Mantra Meditation: Leo / The Sun!

Planetary Mantra: The Sun Astrological Sign: Leo I feel fortunate to say that I can actually feel the sun’s rays lighting up my heart. Swimming in an ocean of emotion with Cancer’s crab last month invited healing and feeling in the heart and home. It wasn’t always comfortable but it was necessary. With the sun [...]

Sex and the Yogini

I went on a “date” last weekend with someone who I am shockingly and overwhelmingly attracted to. It’s been a very long time, if ever, that I have felt such an instantaneous and deeply sensual compatibility and attraction with someone. It literally came so far out of left field that I was left a bit [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Venus/ Taurus

Can you feel the subtle shift in the air? We’ve had some time to welcome the initial spark of spring (Aries) and to throw ourselves back in the game of life. With the Sun now in Taurus, we look to the rewards of that game and how those rewards bring forth a sense of security [...]

Humble Brag…

"Amanda is a truly unique human and that uniqueness appears in her yoga teachings. she has a great balance of the spiritual world as well as the realities of living on the earth specifically in NYC. Her words and information she shares always seem to hit exactly on what issues or things I was thinking [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Turning Anger into Gold!

Greetings from the "Land of the Gods" otherwise known as Rishikesh, India. This place is magical, the vibration deep. The Ganga flows fresh here and the mountains hold mantras chanted for thousands of years by devotees, sadhus and gurus worldwide. It is of no coincidence that great things can happen here; realizations, visions, healing and [...]

Throwback!Retreat to India 2016

We epically combined a yoga vacation with the tail end of our 200 hour teacher training in  India. This brilliant move gave more bodies for our YTT train-ies to practice on. It also put them in the position of seeing exactly what goes down when you go on retreat. Guiding people in foreign places isn't [...]

Throwback! INDIA YTT 2016

Can you imagine living beach~side for a month while going deep into the study and practice of yoga? There is still time to sign up and join the adventure! Our program is unique in that it weaves in the teachings of astrology and shamanism while offering post YTT graduate support to help you build your [...]

You’ll Never Guess What Monsanto Fears the Most!

We've recently embarked on a 6 week meditation program for a progressive local business. The idea is to give the employees enough of an experience around cultivating a meditation practice so that the team leaders can begin to implement meditation into the work flow. So smart! In my research of corporate businesses looking to integrate [...]