Healing Practice

Learn to Heal with Your Hands!

Learn the ancient Indian art of Vedic Healing Hands in this two day immersion. Option to join for one or two days. Certification will be given for those that attend both days of training. ( August 19th and 20th ) The moon’s cycle, in concert with the nine planets, creates the universal magnetic field. This… Continue reading Learn to Heal with Your Hands!

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Astrology of Venus

When Venus is in Taurus With Venus in its home sign of money, for you and for everyone there could be a greater emphasis on obtaining security through material gain. Sensual pleasures become more important and you might notice a greater appetite for all forms of physical gratification. You could experience jealousy in love matters… Continue reading Astrology of Venus


Astrology of the Moon

The Moon spends two and a half days in each sign. With the Moon in Sagittarius, a joyful and exploratory emotional nature comes to the surface. Today you and everyone around you will be feeling the need to wander and to be a free spirit. There's an impulsive and restless quality to your instincts, and… Continue reading Astrology of the Moon