What to Expect and Where to Stay in Arambol Beach

Not everyone is prepared for the type of accommodations Arambol Beach Goa has to offer. If this is your first time traveling to Arambol you will most likely be the happiest staying close to the beach. This means you will want to stay in a beach hut on the beach or very near by. Here’s what [...]

Yoga Teacher Training India!

Our Teacher Training Course is a journey to empowerment. We empower yogis to develop a soul-centered practice that can one day be confidently shared with the world around them in an effort to spread the health, light, and love of yoga to all people of the Earth. We translate the traditions of yoga for the [...]

Throwback! INDIA YTT 2016

Can you imagine living beach~side for a month while going deep into the study and practice of yoga? There is still time to sign up and join the adventure! Our program is unique in that it weaves in the teachings of astrology and shamanism while offering post YTT graduate support to help you build your [...]