MANTRA SADHANA: An Intertribal Cosmic Ritual

Learn to Chant Mantra! In this monthly gathering, we draw upon various practices and rituals from the sacred traditions of humanity to co-create a ceremonial offering towards universal consciousness, ourselves and the planet. We will explore various Mantras including Sanskrit, a Four Directions Altar, Sacred Songs, Meditation and Breath as a tool to direct our [...]

Dharma to Moksha; A Lesson for Yogis from an Avid Traveler.

The ancient and new-ancient yogis agree, no life is completely lived without the achievement of the four following goals. Dharma: the goal of fulfilling the duties assigned to us by our positions in society; Artha: the goal of accumulating possessions in the course of fulfilling our Dharma; Kama: the goal of satisfying legitimate desires with [...]

Mantra Meditation: Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn

Millions marched across the world in unity against the newly sworn in US president Donald J. Trump. Signs were read, voices were heard, and the consciousness of the world awoke. Many more watched from thier computer screens and television sets the incredible numbers of those marching across our great planet. This is a perfect example of [...]

Best Yoga in Brooklyn

"Best Yoga Teacher in Brooklyn" My yoga classes are safe, fun, intelligent, metaphysical, anatomical, sometimes flowing, sometimes not flowing, upbeat, low beat, shamanic, ceremonial and for all bodies. I suggest you come find me, introduce yourself, tell me your likes and dislikes about yoga, life and everything, take class and see if we are a [...]

Yoga School on a Budget

By now you know that what I love is offering transformational experiences and doing so at an affordable rate. I call this transformational leadership. I just don’t think its necessary for you to spend so much money to advance your education or your quality of life. We all deserve to explore and grow! Teacher trainings and [...]

Yoga Teacher Training India!

Our Teacher Training Course is a journey to empowerment. We empower yogis to develop a soul-centered practice that can one day be confidently shared with the world around them in an effort to spread the health, light, and love of yoga to all people of the Earth. We translate the traditions of yoga for the [...]