With over 20 years of personal self-development through the traditions of yoga, esoteric wisdom and shamanism, I offer support, encouragement and inspiration for you to cultivate a life filled with meaning and purpose.


Tools for Self Development:

Creating a Meaningful Home Practice (not just a physical practice)





Soul Support Phone and or Video Calls


What Sets Me Apart:

  • I have lived, survived and learned how to THRIVE here in NYC as a yogi and wellness lifestyle advocate.


  • I understand the chaos and the drama, the reality of making ends meet, and the discipline it takes to cultivate your inner world so that you can attract what you desire in the outer world.


  • I have an actual TEACHER from whom I continually receive guidance and support. I have true spiritual guidance that can be applied in a practical contemporary manner.


  • I will always suggest an alternative practitioner for you to work with if I do not feel that I can adequately guide you. You deserve the best and I might not be it for you!


Who Will Benefit:

  • Anyone looking to advance in their personal spiritual development.
  • People who are willing to show up even when the thrill has worn off! This course only works if you are willing to work for it!
  • Those that need an extra push in life for a period of time to get back on track.


These sessions are meant to get you going and on your way into a lifestyle and work life filled with meaning.


How it Works:

Sign up for a Free 30 Minute Consultation to see if we are the right fit and to decipher what your goals are.

While you will be expected to make headway on your own time in between our sessions, you can decide how often you want to schedule check-ins to ensure you are going in the right direction.

Most people choose weekly or bi monthly sessions. In these sessions, we check in through personal sharing, grounding meditations, review of homework and set up the next set of practices to integrate into your life.



All sessions take place over the phone and / or via online video format. This ensures that no matter where you are you will remain on track with your personal goals!