Mantra Meditation


Mantras have been used throughout time to achieve solutions to problems big and small.

 I have witnessed countless transformations from a dedicated 40 day discipline.

Mantra can help you when you are : 

Going Through a Transition

Feeling Lost in Life

Going Through a Breakup

Searching for a Partner

Looking for Your Next Step

Struggling with Anxiety

Experiencing Low Self Worth

Struggling with Anger

Struggling with Jealousy

Struggling with Helplessness

Wanting to Activate Abundance

Achieving Spiritual Pursuits

Looking for a New Job


I love sharing the practice of mantra because it is something so simple yet so incredibly effective. All we need to do, is sit down and do it. I have seen my clients and students make incredible changes in their lives all because of the simple practice of mantra. Mantra can also help us in our own journey of meditation as it gives the mind “somewhere to go”.

I continue to lead mantra modules for Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as offering public workshops along with my ongoing offering  MANTRA SADHANA : AN IMMERSIVE AND ACTIVE VIBRATION MEDITATION. 

I also work with individuals , companies and small groups to help establish and guide a mantra discipline.

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