Learn to Breathe


Pranayama and Shamanic Breath-work

Pranayama is the practice of controlling or regulating the breath or life force energy (prana) in order to increase lung capacity, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

Types of pranayama include kapalbhati, ujjayi, nadi shodhana, shitali, and 3 part yogic breath, as well as the use of bhandas (energy locks) and chakras as they relate to the breath.

Shamanic Breathwork, creates an altered state of consciousness to facilitate deep emotional release and healing that could otherwise only be released via the use of psychedelics or plant medicines.

In our session, we will cover the basic foundation of these practices, including safety and setting intentions, while exploring firsthand what it means to lovingly heal through conscious breathing.

Learn to build a breath-based practice that you can utilize anywhere and at anytime!

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