Healing and Ritual



Along with Private Yoga lessons I also offer shamanic healing, reiki and breathwork sessions. You can enjoy one modality or a combination of all four.

Each sessions is tailored specifically for your needs and is guided fully by spirit. Because of my background studying sacred traditions, I incorporate incense, sacred herbs, sound healing instruments, altars and sacred songs to create a benevolent container allowing for the release of negative emotions, toxins and dis-ease. Each session will bring a sense of lightness and ease to your mind, body and spirit.

Whatever your needs are at this time, we can create a ceremony to support your intention.

Some intentions might look like this:

Transition, Breakup, Loss of Job, Seeking New Job, Seeking New Partnership, Abundance, New Home, Anxiety, Getting Pregnant, Loss of a Loved One, Loss of a Loved Pet, Protection, Empowerment, Peace, Better Rest, Depression, Anger, At a Loss, Pain, New Mother in Need of Support, New Moon, Full Moon… 

Contact me today for more questions regarding this unique and transformative experience.