Before this blog birthed as Healing is the New Nightlife it was once a healing concierge service called Brooklyn Light. Brooklyn Light connected local healers in Brooklyn NY with those seeking a healthier lifestyle and private healing sessions.

While I am still connecting healers and those seeking we have decided to move on from BKL and shift gears into what I love doing best, which is sharing what has worked for me in the hopes that it will work for you.

While I love to be in the present I also wish to acknowledge my past and all the hard work put in to get me where I am today.

I give gratitude to the journey and all who have met me along the way.

With love,





Kendra Potter – Founding Member of Brooklyn Light 

Kendra contributed deeply to the original vision or Brooklyn Light in its earlier inception as a health and healing concierge service. She is a yoga instructor, healer, mother and artist thriving with her family and connecting with the bounty of the earth in Montana. While Kendra is a member at large, her spirit is very much imbedded in the vision of Brooklyn Light.