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Tending the Fire of Tapas

(artwork by Yehrin Tong) Namaste! These last couple of days I have been noticing allot more resistance in myself than usual to getting ANYTHING done. I have been asking myself all sorts of questions to try and understand why. Was it a planetary shift? Maybe. Am I secretly mad at someone? I don’t think so.… Continue reading Tending the Fire of Tapas

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Upstate Retreat!

I was recently invited by my dear friend Adam to lead the morning yoga practices during his Global Rhythm Retreat in Upstate New York. I am grateful and excited to step into this experience where I know I am going to learn allot about myself! I believe we all have an inner musician, a part… Continue reading Upstate Retreat!

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Dharma to Moksha; A Lesson for Yogis from an Avid Traveler.

The ancient and new-ancient yogis agree, no life is completely lived without the achievement of the four following goals. Dharma: the goal of fulfilling the duties assigned to us by our positions in society; Artha: the goal of accumulating possessions in the course of fulfilling our Dharma; Kama: the goal of satisfying legitimate desires with… Continue reading Dharma to Moksha; A Lesson for Yogis from an Avid Traveler.


Best Yoga in Brooklyn

"Best Yoga Teacher in Brooklyn" My yoga classes are safe, fun, intelligent, metaphysical, anatomical, sometimes flowing, sometimes not flowing, upbeat, low beat, shamanic, ceremonial and for all bodies. I suggest you come find me, introduce yourself, tell me your likes and dislikes about yoga, life and everything, take class and see if we are a… Continue reading Best Yoga in Brooklyn


Throwback!Retreat to India 2016

We epically combined a yoga vacation with the tail end of our 200 hour teacher training in  India. This brilliant move gave more bodies for our YTT train-ies to practice on. It also put them in the position of seeing exactly what goes down when you go on retreat. Guiding people in foreign places isn't… Continue reading Throwback!Retreat to India 2016

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Throwback! INDIA YTT 2016

Can you imagine living beach~side for a month while going deep into the study and practice of yoga? There is still time to sign up and join the adventure! Our program is unique in that it weaves in the teachings of astrology and shamanism while offering post YTT graduate support to help you build your… Continue reading Throwback! INDIA YTT 2016