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Free Meditation Session!

Enjoy a complimentary mantra meditation session with your purchase of a beautiful new set of highly charged Mala Beads all the way from mother India! These sessions can happen in my studio in Brooklyn or over skype. View the shop and details HERE!    I am excited to continue creating a shop that reflects my… Continue reading Free Meditation Session!

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Tending the Fire of Tapas

(artwork by Yehrin Tong) Namaste! These last couple of days I have been noticing allot more resistance in myself than usual to getting ANYTHING done. I have been asking myself all sorts of questions to try and understand why. Was it a planetary shift? Maybe. Am I secretly mad at someone? I don’t think so.… Continue reading Tending the Fire of Tapas

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Mantra Meditation: Pisces and Neptune

"Now is the time to travel deep within and clear what no longer is serving our souls mission. With the Sun in Pisces we gain access to a more compassionate and sensitive mode of interacting while penetrating the secret depths of our beings. We become more aware of the divine within us." - Time Passages… Continue reading Mantra Meditation: Pisces and Neptune


Mantra Meditation

Planetary Mantra: The Sun Astrological Sign: Leo I feel fortunate to say that I can actually feel the sun’s rays lighting up my heart. Swimming in an ocean of emotion with Cancer’s crab last month invited healing and feeling in the heart and home. It wasn’t always comfortable but it was necessary. With the sun… Continue reading Mantra Meditation

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You’ll Never Guess What Monsanto Fears the Most!

We've recently embarked on a 6 week meditation program for a progressive local business. The idea is to give the employees enough of an experience around cultivating a meditation practice so that the team leaders can begin to implement meditation into the work flow. So smart! In my research of corporate businesses looking to integrate… Continue reading You’ll Never Guess What Monsanto Fears the Most!