My first love is, and always has been, the drum.

It was something I was drawn to at a very young age, something that I intuitively knew I wanted to connect to. I was lucky enough to have encouraging parents and a school system that provided minimal arts education. I was able to dabble here and there and build a connection to music, which as a youth completely saved me from the lack of opportunity in the small town I grew up in.

While I never took my practice into a deep place of study, mastering technique or rhythms from around the world, I had managed to always find someone to play with and that, for me, was enough to keep the spirit within me alive and satisfied.

Until something terrible happened and I lost my connection completely!

It wasn’t a onetime event that pulled me off track, it was just life. In an effort to pay my rent my creative world had shrunk. I was depressed and disconnected from everything that meant anything. I was lost. I had just moved to NYC and had no real community, musical partners or inspiration. Life had its hands around me tight and I was feeling stuck.

Determined to find my way I began seeking.

I had discovered a meditation that brought me back to the joys of being a child, that time and place where you knew exactly what you wanted and wanted to be. It was more of an intellectual decision to weave the drum back in to my life. After all, I had no band to play with, no musical partner or professional aspirations. I just figured it was worth a shot to reconnect to something that, in the past, had brought me joy. With fumbling confidence I hired a drumming instructor who just kind of laughed at me because he saw that it was already in me. It wasn’t that he needed to teach me as much as there was a call to awaken what had fallen dormant within.


Not long after picking up lessons I ended up in a weekend workshop with a group of people I had never met before to explore movement and sound. It was primarily women in the group and many of them had brought crystal bowls, shakers and hand drums. It wasn’t a music class but music was used as a tool to deepen the meditative space and ourselves into it. This was a new experience for me.

What I realized that day was how incredibly sacred the drum truly is. I recall opening up to the group about what I was discovering about myself, what I was remembering. The drumming and the rhythm woke me up. Not because anyone told me or showed me but because I could feel its existence inside my very own body. The connection was undeniable and because I was in a sacred space I was able to see that the drum could be used for much more than just music. The drum is a power tool meant to call in the sacred, to wake us up and to move us forward.

When I hear a drum beat I hear my own heart and I am reminded of my power, strength and ancient connection to the earth. From that moment forward there was no more denying that this connection was more than just something that I wanted to get close to as a child but a spirit that had been calling me my entire life.

When I finally came to the point of making my own drum I was not only ecstatic, I was ready. Spending the day in prayerful meditation, I infused my drum with the intention to spread abundance to all who came in the presence of my drums beating heart. I now carry my drum to teach yoga, to help in my private healing practice and wherever I travel. It is a part of me, a totem of my spirit and my way in to the realm of the sacred.


I currently find myself in a community where everyone carries a drum. Everyone carries a song and together there is harmony, compassion and a continual stream of creativity, manifestation and abundance.



CO Founder, creator, healer, writer.