Private Yoga

I am super excited that you want to deepen your yoga practice with private lessons!

There are many benefits to working one on one, which include personalized attention AND enjoying a practice that actually suits your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

As a teacher who instructs, in oftentimes overcrowded classrooms, I can tell you that working one on one actually means getting results be it physical or spiritual.

Who I Teach

My clients are rock stars– literally. While I don’t limit myself to who I work with, the majority of my private yoga clientele are men and women who are manifesting ALLOT in their lives. They are successful in every aspect of the word. They are busy, overworked, stressed out AND at the top of their game. The issue, is that they need accountability when it comes to health and wellbeing, otherwise they would run themselves into the ground.

What You Will Gain

Focus and Realization of Personal Goals

Overcoming Health Concerns

Working on In-Depth Practice

Learning Tools for Spiritual Bliss

What Our Session Will Look Like

This will only take

60 minutes

90 minutes


2 hours

of your precious and incredible life!

These sessions can be divided, however we see fit, between a physical yoga practice and meditation. I teach a variety of yoga types which you can read about here in my bio.

Overtime, various modalities can be interwoven such as sound healing, reiki, breath work and mantra. It all depends on your level and openness to trust me as your guide.

We will work together 1-5 days a week depending on your schedule. When you travel I can join you or we can keep the practice going via Skype or Facetime.

Why I am the Best at What I do

I am not a teacher that only focusses on the physical. If what you want are better abs hire a personal trainer. What I offer is so much more than just a workout because what I share is based on how I live my life, the spiritual teachings I have received from my own teacher and the wisdom I have gained through an unwavering dedication to this practice.

While you will sweat and feel physically challenged (much like a workout) I will guide you into deeper aspects of the practice that truly strengthens your spiritual growth and personal development. As one client told me, “YOU ARE A MAGIC MAKER!”

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60 Minute Yoga Session

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90 Minute Yoga Session

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2 Hour Yoga Session

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All Sessions In Your Home, My Studio or Skype

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