Welcome to my blog, Healing is the New nightlife, I am grateful you are here!

The year of my 23rd birthday I went to a psychic who asked, “ Are you teaching yoga now or are you still thinking about doing it?” My jaw dropped. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to teach yoga. She then urged me to get my teaching certificate and “get it out of the way” so that the rest could unfold.


The following spring I moved from the Pacific Northwest to the insanity tha is NYC . While I knew that I needed to find work that would pay the bills, my first priority was to find my yoga home and work on getting that training.

Fast-forward to over a decade later and I am living a life immersed in the practices of yoga and various healing modalities.


It hasn’t been easy. AT ALL! Even though light-workers and yoga teachers tend to emanate peace, love and compassion, living in a city like NY is deeply challenging.

“Why would ANYONE committed to the path of healing want to live in NYC?” – is a question I often get asked. NYC is the perfect training ground for getting your self, inner and outer, higher and lower, in order. I’ve been put through the ringer time and time again. I wouldn’t change it for the world, as this has been one of my greatest teachers.

I have met the most incredible people I am honored to have as my spiritual community. Not to mention the guidance of the greatest teacher I have ever known, Recognized Taino Elder and Ceremonial Leader Maestro Manuel Rufino.

I have been introduced to sacred healing ways from various traditions throughout the world which deeply influences my teaching style and healing work. I am here on a mission to help humanity awaken and I do so with fearlessness, love and reverence.


Being a constant traveler, I have had to develop discipline like never before. It is all too easy to get sucked into this or that and before you know it you end up completely off course!

I love to share what works. I have many tools that have helped me through the toughest of times and that continue to help me in manifesting all of the beauty in my life. This is the purpose of this blog, to share what has worked for me with travel and lifestyle choices.

Think of this blog as a road map for cultivating the sacred in our every day lives.

If you have or are considering to undertake the path of healer-ship consider my tips and tricks to help you establish yourself as a light worker as well as to support you along your way.

We are in this together.


I am not a basic anything. Neither are my readers. We crave insight, knowledge and connection. We are astrology connoisseurs, students of the sacred, we have altars in our homes, we cook with care, we travel, we learn from our experiences and even though its sometimes scary, we face ourselves and love ourselves in the midst of even our darkest moments.

We are a tribe that has traded in “going out” for “going within”. We have teachers and elders, angels and guides.

We are here.

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