My Top 5 Remedies for Turbulent Times


Feeling some feelings right about now?

As we approach the new moon in Cancer which also happens to be a solar eclipse and a SUPER moon we might be feeling a bit, um, intense right about now.


Eclipses can usher in major changes in our life path and relationships. I like to think of eclipses as wild cards. You just never know what’s going to come in or leave forever. Eclipses eclipse things. Expect some potential endings. Anticipate feeling allot of emotions you aren’t used to feeling. Above all, use your mindfulness practices to observe whatever it is that is coming up and trust that “this too shall pass”.

New Moon in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon so this new moon might call on us to confront our deeper emotions surrounding how we truly feel about a certain situation. This new moon especially highlights home, family and the feminine, the domains which Cancer governs.

It completely makes sense that you might want to smother yourself with comfort these next few days and on into the weekend.  The energies are intense. Try to keep in mind that this type of energy is also an opportunity to accelerate our growth and understanding. As long as we can stay AWAKE to what’s unfolding, chances are we can harness this energy and steer ourselves towards a new dimension of personal growth.  


My Tool Box for Turbulent Times

The following are the tools I use to keep myself present in times of great intensity. While we might be going through some major shifts we can still find ways to feel loved and nourished. Make space for yourself this week to drop in and see whats needed.


Restorative Yoga – Slowly opening the body and connecting to the breath is one of the most nourishing ways to process our emotions as well as all those jumbled thoughts in our minds.

 Tarot – I do a self-tarot spread that always leads to greater insight on any given situation. This is also a great practice for deepening our intuition.

Massage – Whether I book an appointment or just make time to do self-massage with oils, honoring the body in this way wins every time!

Beautification – Just because I am going through a deep process doesn’t mean I need to look like I am. Mud masks, pedicure, manicure, tweezers, hot oil for my hair, shea butters and lots of care ensure this vehicle my spirit is riding around in looks and feels loved to its fullest.

Good Food – Of course all of this processing might lead to an indulgence here and there. I try to remember that the vibration of food is really important during times like these. It’s easy to give ourselves permission to eat a bunch of sugar or fried foods. It can feel great in the moment until it catches up with us via sluggishness or even sickness. I don’t drink alcohol so if you do just remember that it can intensify things. A friend of mine once said her golden rule was to never drink in a heightened emotional state be it sadness or happiness. A good rule to say the least.

How are you feeling with this eclipse on the rise? Are there any practices that you feel called to do right now? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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