MANTRA SADHANA: An Intertribal Cosmic Ritual


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“You are a cosmic flower. Chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.” ― Amit Ray

In this gathering, we will draw upon various practices and rituals from the sacred traditions of humanity to co-create a ceremonial offering towards universal consciousness, ourselves and the planet.

We will explore various mantras including sanskrit, a Four Directions Altar, Sacred Songs, Meditation and Breath as a tool to direct our prayers and transform our seemingly chaotic worlds into a powerful abode of compassion, benevolence and peace.

This practice is meant to empower you in what feels to be dis-empowering times. It is an experience of connection and healing for ourselves, community and families.

As we activate our sacred altar we connect to all beings throughout the planet who are also sending intentional healing and hope through the vibrations of mantra, prayer and ritual. In this way, we become one, and a greater light is spread throughout the earth for generations to come.

Sacred Arts Research Foundation

107 Green street BKNY 

8pm- 9pm

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