Yoga Retreat for Women

Yoga retreat for women in Kerala India


Want to travel India all by yourself? It sounds exciting and also equally terrifying! Nothing can really prepare you for the amazing, chaotic, magical and sometimes uncomfortable journey of India.

Joining a yoga retreat can be a great way to begin to understand the culture before heading off on your own. Getting your bearings with someone who knows the culture, the land and can offer you wonderful yoga and meditation can set the tone for an epic adventure to follow.

Who knows? You might even make a new best friend travel buddy for even more of an adventure.

I encourage you to read the description of the retreat I am offering in March. Feel free to reach out for room rates and any questions you might have.

This retreat is intended for those wanting to deepen their yoga and meditation practice while exploring the delights of South India! This is an opportunity to nourish yourself while traveling safely and mindfully with other women in a conscious and uplifting manner. Oh yeah, this retreat currently has all women signed up. If a man is interested to join I will ask the ladies on board and see if its a yes!


Our Travel Itinerary

We will spend the first 4 nights at our private resort off of Kovalam Beach.  We will focus on yoga, meditation, mantra japa, and optional Ayurvedic therapies. We will visit with a wonderful Indian teacher in the local village where we will go deep into meditation and healing as well as connecting with the people there.

From there we will travel and stay at Ammas ashram for 2 nights. The ashram will give us a true experience of devotional Bhakti yoga with fire ceremonies and mantra practice, meditation on the beach and optional activities such as vedic astrology readings. After which we will travel onward to Allepy where we will stay overnight in a houseboat exploring the backwaters, enjoying more practice of meditation and mantra japa.

The following day we will travel back to Kovalam taking in sights along the way. We will return to a beachfront property overlooking the main boardwalk for the remainder three nights of our stay. We will continue with our yoga, meditation, Ayurveda therapies both at the beach and at the local village. We may also take some easy day trips for more sightseeing, waterfalls, and shopping for fabrics.

What to expect:

Daily Yoga and Meditation

Mantra Chanting, Singing and Discussion

Local Excursions

Delicious Morning Brunch and 5 Group Dinners


Dates TBA for 2019!

Price Includes

Shared Rooms ( two people with separate single beds OR one shared bed if preferred ), ensuite bathroom and ocean side location
Daily brunch, 5 group dinners, guided practices, group travel other than airfare and magical memories!




I’m Amanda and I have been leading retreats in India and other parts of the world for over 7 years. I am nearly 40 years old and have been teaching for 15 years in total.

India is a long way to travel to only stay at a retreat center. I believe the heart of the experience is in getting to know the people and the way of the culture. That’s why I’ve designed a simple retreat to give you the rejuvenation of yoga and meditation along with a little travel to take in the magic and people of South India!




3 thoughts on “Yoga Retreat for Women

  1. Sounds perfect. May be rush to do this time. When are you having another? I am a nearly 60 yr old, just divorced yoga teacher in need of some me time.

    1. Oh wow!!! It would be an honor to have you join us! A wise yogini nearing 60 would be a wonderful addition to the group. I usually do an India journey somewhere between February and March each year. I’ll keep you posted if you aren’t able to join us this year. Feel free to message me in the contact page for more details and rates though if you’re curious to make it work! Thanks so much for reaching out. Wishing you allot of empowerment and nourishment as you move into this next season of your mystical and beautiful life!

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