Illuminate the Dark



Its been a very powerful last few weeks. Astrologically speaking there have been huge shifts in the sky as we are called deeper into the truth of our work, relationships and creativity. The planet is surely speaking to us through the elements of FIRE, WATER and AIR. It is heartbreaking to witness such profound suffering so close to home. Many of us are feeling that at any moment it could be us dealing with disastrous loss and transition.

It’s a sensitive place to sit from as a yoga teacher and transformational creator. How do I convince you that this work matters when there is an urgency for something as necessary as water. How do we maintain the luxury of our practice and not feel bad that thousands of people just lost their homes? My sense is that this is a question that will never go away and has been asked by great seekers for longer than we can imagine.

The truth, is that there will always be darkness and light. I like to imagine a world where it is only light, but is this even possible here on earth in human bodies with all the complexities this vehicle comes with? What I do believe is possible is strengthening our vibration, eliminating toxins and toxic people from our lives, and sharing as much as we possibly can in the way that we know how, to impart knowledge, liberation and self empowerment to those that need and want to receive it.

If we forgo the privilege of our practice, studies and experiences then we forgo the opportunity to share this light with others and truly impact the world. Yes, take care of those that need shelter, food and water! Donate what you can. Do whatever you can to help. Also, make sure you are tending to all that strengthens your own spirit, body and mind.

When the world feels overrun by darkness its easy to give in to that energy, to become angry, competitive, cynical and bitter. This only creates more darkness and is very difficult to get out from.

A student recently mentioned that she hadnt been able to practice for a week and it was astoudning to her how angry she felt, like the thoughts weren’t even hers. My response was that they most likely weren’t her own. Think of the situations people are going through right now. There is allot of anger being sent into the collective unconscious. I would be angry too if I had just lost my home and no one was stepping up to help me. Think of all the people going through that and how that vibration is impacting the ethers. If we don’t tend to our practice its easy to pick up on thoughts and vibrations that aren’t really ours. This is why it is important to acknowledge our practice as a process of cleansing. We have to continually clean so as not to carry around what isn’t ours.

That being said, my prayers are with you all at this time. May you, your family and loved ones be in harmonious relationship with one another.  If you feel called to deepen your personal practice and are seeking help, you can contact me here. 

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