5 Tips to Help you Choose a Yoga Training in India! 

Allot of Teacher Training Programs in India are total shams!!! It might look great to spend only a little bit of money for a 30-day training but in the end students learn absolutely nothing about the reality of teaching yoga in the western world. They leave confused, disempowered and aren’t able to get teaching jobs after such a huge investment of their time and energy.



We have witnessed first-hand plenty of people who went to India to study yoga only to have to repeat a training in the west because the Indian schools just don’t know what teaching in the west is like and how to prepare someone for that properly. Indian schools spend allot of time on the deep cleansing practices and teaching anatomy in a way that isn’t relevant to teaching the practice in the west. Allot of time is wasted when you could be learning how to actually teach what you love!

We always tell people if all you want is an experience do any training in India. But if what you want is to learn how to teach yoga, you need to ask allot of questions and be certain that the school is training people to actually teach and live their yoga.


Here are 5 tips to help you choose a Yoga Training in India!

Try to get a hold of someone who has graduated from the program. Find out what their experience was like and if they felt empowered to go forward as a teacher.

Ask about the lineage of the teachers? How long have they been studying and teaching for? One ashram I visited in Rishikesh had a budding new Ashtanga teacher that could easily pass as a long-time instructor just because he was Indian. Turns out he only received his training the year prior and was now implementing a YTT for the ashram to make extra money. While he was greatly enthusiastic, he wasn’t at the depths you want your teachers to be when doing a training.

Don’t just go because its cheap. I witnessed a sad case of being taken advantage of by a group of young travelers expecting to get a standard yoga alliance education paying less than $800.00usd. You get what you pay for. If you just want an experience and a place to stay do whatever you want. But if you want a solid yoga education think twice about going extra cheap.

Yoga Alliance means nothing. Reputation is everything! I’ve seen terrible yoga trainings with great paperwork. Let’s face it, no one from the yoga alliance is traveling around to check out the standards of these trainings. Again, try to find students who went through the training. Ask on public forums like Indiamike and Facebook groups for yoga teachers.

Make the best of it! If it ends up that the training program you chose is under delivering on its promise, either pack up and leave or just roll with it. Chances are you are not going to get your money back, you aren’t going to be able to sue or call the cops and use your western privilege. It’s a completely different world over there. An amazing one at that! Try to see the higher lesson in where your choices have led you and savor the teachings along the way.


Interested in a Quality West Meets East Yoga Training?

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is for the western seeker and teacher. We offer an in-depth approach to our curriculum that includes the Eastern understanding of where yoga comes from, the traditional techniques and how to articulate and establish that as a teaching practice in the western world for western bodies!

We have partnered with local Indian teachers who we have been cultivating relationships with for years and integrate their knowledge into an approach that is accessible and digestible for those that truly want to come out of a training program fully empowered to move forward as a teacher.

Our hearts and souls belong to India but we work with western bodies and western minds. Combining both worlds leaves your students feeling supported and able to dive deeper into the richness of yogic teachings and lifestyle.

We know our training is twice as much as most Teacher Trainings in India, but if you want to fully empower yourself as a teacher it will be well worth the investment!

Send us a message with any questions and for references from our past graduated teachers! 

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