Action Steps for Total Transformation


With the Sun in the sign of Cancer, we are currently swimming in our inner worlds of feeling, emotion and creative visions.

For some, you will feel right at home. But for most of us, it is a time that leaves us wondering “what the heck am I doing with my life right now?!

The Sun is currently in Cancer which represents the 4th house. The house of home, childhood and mother. Cancer being a water sign, will call our own waters to rise to the surface. Water is emotion, feeling and healing. It’s what cleanses us and what keeps us alive. Water is life. When we feel the intensity of the waters we intuitively begin to reevaluate our inner and outer spaces in order to make significant changes in our lives- if we choose to listen!


When I was much younger, I use to think I could put off all of my inner emotional work until it was convenient for me to deal with it. I didn’t want to listen to any of my inner waters. After all, I had my priorities set, attending to the duties of my job, making money (survival), going out dancing and being rebellious. Inevitably, the waters came crashing down, forcing me to stop ignoring my feelings and to get in touch with WHO I ACTUALLY AM.

The only way to get to where we want to be is to begin with our foundation. We cannot plant a nourishing garden on top soil alone. For anything to grow we need to prepare the soil which sometimes means we need to dig deep into the earth and remove any rocks, sticks or objects that could impede the flow of roots.

The issue is that we live in a world where we can easily pile everything on and continue to pile on even more after that. We focus only on our top soil, and lose touch with our foundation both the good of who we are and also the darker stuff, those gigantic rocks, that needs dealing with.


Then comes along a transit like the Cancer Sun and we are awash with emotions, feelings, confusion and bewilderment as the structures in our lives, our work and our relationships, begin to shift and we begin to question everything- which can feel really scary!

When I feel this intensity in my own life I lean into the tools and guidance I’ve gained along the way to take myself through the deep running waters of the moment and transform all of my questioning into positive solutions, structures and rewards! I gauge my impulses and try to map where they’re coming from so that I might get to the root of all that I am feeling.


The moment you take that step forward into taking action in your life is the moment of success. No matter what. The trouble is that there can be allot of time and space between wanting to take action and actually getting there. Then once you do muster the courage to open the flood gates it can feel just like that, a flood!

That same period in my life I was just telling you about, well, once I started to honor my internal waters, I cried every day for 6 months! I was a beautiful emotional mess! However, it was what was needed having ignored the voice of my inner waters for so long, and you know what else? I never went on medication to try and cover up all that I was feeling. I just rode it out one day at a time, showing up to my yoga mat, getting body work, reading literature for guidance, doing anything that I could do to consciously awaken, until finally the waters began to settle and I began to transform from someone who needed healing to someone who was whole again.


Healing and transformation begin at home. This month, dare to look at the external changes you want to make and trace those desires back inside your own body and living space. What is the desire linked to? Why haven’t you been able to make the change? What’s the thing that’s been holding you back for so long now? Till the soil of your life and plant good seeds! 

Because the process of investigation and deep rearrangement of our inner and outer furniture makes us far more sensitive, try to implement plenty of soulful self-care. Aim for activities that can exist as routines in your life for the next 30 days or longer, not impulsive one offs! For instance, while we are now taught to think of general beauty upkeep as self-care (haircuts, manicures, pedicures, facials etc.) you’ll want to veer more in the direction of the interior versus the exterior self. Otherwise we might find ourselves looking beautiful but not really getting to the bottom of anything.


Ritual can help us to create new and healthier patterns in our lives.

Determine which of these self-care activities are daily, weekly or monthly rituals.

Then it will be easier to weave them in to your jam-packed life and most importantly you will enjoy them!!!


Stop using social media for 48 hours.

I promise you the world will not stop turning! Also, don’t write that note telling all of your followers and friends that they should contact you via email because you will have suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.


Cut out reality TV!

I completely understand binging on the occasional new season of whatever show on HBO or Netflix. Sometimes you just need to tune out and this can work on a conscious level. However, reality TV can deeply impact your own self-image for the worst. If you are not completely aware you can come away from those shows wanting a facelift, new eyebrows, weight loss and who knows what else. They are deeply influencing which is why they are all so successful. I imagine the cosmetic surgery industry along with cosmetics and clothing have sky rocketed in sales because of these shows. So just for a week cut it out. See how you feel or how your own self-image might shift for the better.


Coconut Oil Your Hair!

Take at least a cup of coconut oil and drench your hair with it. Massage it into your scalp! Wrap your hair in a handkerchief and leave the oil in for at least an hour. When you shower don’t try to wring out every last bit of oil, just enough so that your hair won’t be too weighed down and even so, just go with an oiled look for a few days until your next shampoo.


Give Yourself a Simple Home Facial!

Steaming my face with a bowl of hot water and a towel over my head. Then I do a mud mask followed by a Gua Sha facial massage. Don’t have a fancy Gua Sha tool, you can use a smooth stone from your altar or even a very smooth piece of wood or bone. This treatment is easy to do and overtime smooths out those stress lines and wrinkles. If you aren’t into Gua Sha-ing, just give yourself a really nourishing facial massage. You will love the way your skin looks afterwards and the rewards of doing it yourself are endless!


Reflect on the past month of your life

and write yourself a letter that acknowledges three things you wish you could have done better and one action you will take to shift your current situation into the next level. This action step should be realistic and something you can stick to for the next month or season of your life. For instance, your action could be to wake up 30 minutes earlier and meditate. Or maybe you wake up 30 minutes earlier so that you aren’t rushing out of the door with no breakfast. Self-care is about learning how to make space for yourself so that overtime you can fit in more of what nourishes you inside and out.


Invest in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga that focusses on finding balance and health by way of understanding nature. We all have fire, earth, water, air and so much more within us. When you begin to unlock this wisdom, you can kiss all of those fad diets and bogus fitness classes goodbye and begin to cultivate a nourishing life path for many years to come.


Recommit to Your Yoga Practice.

 Are you doing your yoga practice correctly? Are you being guided towards a deeper understanding of yourself with the classes you are attending? Stop expecting Class Pass to take you to the next level. Go deeper. Yoga is the first step on the path to conscious healing. Any damage, trauma or drama that exists within the felid of your body can be transcended on the path of yoga. You just have to do the work!


Sit Down and Meditate.

Everything you are, the way you perceive your life, work and relationships is all created in your own mind! So even if you do all of this suggested self-care none of it will matter if your mind is still sending you negative thoughts. If your mind is still feeding you competitive, destructive and delusional thoughts, how can you expect to transcend on a physical level, let alone a metaphysical one?


Remember that with this type of work, a little goes a long way.

You are the author of your own life. You can write, edit and then rewrite your story and any time.

The key here is to harness the energy of the cosmos and propel yourself forward! 


Have your own self-care tips and tricks you would like to offer? Feel free to share in the comments below! 

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