Astrology of Venus

When Venus is in Taurus

With Venus in its home sign of money, for you and for everyone there could be a greater emphasis on obtaining security through material gain. Sensual pleasures become more important and you might notice a greater appetite for all forms of physical gratification. You could experience jealousy in love matters and be excessive in your level of possessiveness for your physical belongings. There will be a heightened appreciation for the arts.

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My Venus is in Scorpio in the 9th House. I tend to fall deeply in love with partners from foreign lands or when I am traveling in far off places.

This placement has shown me allot about my own attractions in life, the value I place on connection and the depth of intimacy of which I need for love to be sustaining. The depth of spirit always seems to take over and take precedent in my case. I guess thats why I continue to teach, teach others to teach and live the life of an initiate. 

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