Astrology of the Moon

The Moon spends two and a half days in each sign. With the Moon in Sagittarius, a joyful and exploratory emotional nature comes to the surface.


Today you and everyone around you will be feeling the need to wander and to be a free spirit. There’s an impulsive and restless quality to your instincts, and you will likely try finding out if the grass is greener elsewhere. Exploring emotions is another major theme today, and you’ll do this in many contexts. It’s also possible that you will feel connected to your beliefs and opinions in a protective way. You might find a tendency to reach for these beliefs in an effort to feel safe.

Your mood is not likely to keep you tied to domestic routines and responsibilities. In fact, you have an urge to escape them altogether. Idealistic and enthusiastic optimism is a hallmark of the day.

Your instincts tell you that the glass is half full no matter what the situation, and this will help to push you forward as you reach for the highest heights, feeling as if it’s your birthright.

-time passages 

Tell me friend;

How will you harness the energy of this upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius? What rituals will happen at your altar? Which mantras will you chant?

Shoot your arrows wisely!

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