A Summer Festival You Don’t Want To Miss!


 Heart and Mind Festival is one of the best conscious music and art festivals to take place within the last 5 years.

Installments have taken place in New York City, London and Poland. This festival artfully educates its attendees in the ways of sacred living.

This festival was created as a platform for Elders from all over the world to gather and share their wisdom, traditions, art and visions. As a younger citizen of the earth it is imperative to hear the voices of our Elders for the health and well being of our global society.

So many “new age” healers are known to steel knowledge and make it “their own” never giving credit where credit is due. This is a moment in time to give back, to pause, to listen, to heed warning and to take a huge yet humble step forward.

Expect hundreds of people, an amazing lineup of presenters, musicians, artisan vendors and delicious vegetarian food.

This years festival in New York City will also aim to raise funds for the Oglala Lakota College,The Everlasting Tree School and Putumayo disaster Relief. 

I hope to see you there myself on June 16th! Please follow the links for current updates, shifts in schedule, and ways that you can help co create this incredible statement of peace, love and hope for future generations to come!

Heart and Mind Festival 

Heart and Mind Festival Facebook Event 

Heart and Mind Festival Facebook Community Page


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