Upstate Retreat!

Global Rythym Retreat

I was recently invited by my dear friend Adam to lead the morning yoga practices during his Global Rhythm Retreat in Upstate New York. I am grateful and excited to step into this experience where I know I am going to learn allot about myself!

I believe we all have an inner musician, a part of ourselves that is capable of expressing our madness through the beating heart that is rhythm itself.

Unfortunately, so many of us are just too darn afraid to let it out.

If this sounds familiar this retreat is for you! Adam is an incredible instructor. He and his team will guide you safely through the swampy realms of building inner confidence through rhythm and music. Plus, I will be there in the thick of it right along side you to make sure we are making light along the way.

Get ready to pack your bags and lets head upstate for a weekend of music making!

Join us April 28-30, 2017 for a weekend of global rhythm workshops, world music, yoga, hand pans, new friends, delicious meals and alpacas! This OPEN LEVEL retreat will feature workshops in the world’s most ancient and most modern musical instruments including the Pantam(Hand Pan), Frame Drum, African Percussion, Kora (West African Bridge-Harp), Oud(Middle Eastern Lute), and Yoga. Together, we will dive into ancient rhythms and melodies from around the world, and will become in touch with our inner musicians through movement, vocalizations and rhythm-development exercises. You are welcome to bring your own instruments. There will be high quality instruments available for purchase, and student instruments to practice on during the weekend.

**Housing and Meals are included in retreat pass **


Friday, April 28

5:00pm – Check In

7:00pm – Welcome Dinner

8:00pm – Opening Session – Middle Eastern Rhythms for Frame Drum & Pantam with Adam Maalouf


Saturday, April 29

9:00 am – Morning Yoga with Amanda Capobianco

10:30am – Breakfast

11:30am – Improvising with Middle Eastern Rhythms

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Rhythms of Africa with Rich Stein

4:00pm – Global Melodies – Kora and Oud with Kane Mathis,feat. Rich Stein

7:00pm – Dinner

8:00pm – Concert & Sound Meditation featuring our faculty, guest artists and participants (optional)


Sunday, April 30

9:00am – Morning Yoga with Amanda Capobianco

10:30am – Brunch

11:30am – Composing on your instrument – Combining Rhythm and Melody, Loopers & Ableton Live

1:00am – Lunch

2:30pm – Extended techniques and modern rhythms for Pantam & Frame Drum

5:00pm – Closing Dinner





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