Mantra Meditation: Pisces and Neptune

“Now is the time to travel deep within and clear what no longer is serving our souls mission. With the Sun in Pisces we gain access to a more compassionate and sensitive mode of interacting while penetrating the secret depths of our beings. We become more aware of the divine within us.” – Time Passages

For many astrologers, the New Year will begin when the sun goes into Aries. This final month of Pisces is allot like the feeling we get in the west around New Year’s Eve. We begin to sink even deeper into our soulful depths, connecting with spirit to sweep away what we no longer need or what might be holding us back. This cleanse and inner connection pulls us closer to our souls mission. We heal, forgive and move forward with a preparedness to harness the Aries spring time sun that is just around the corner.

Pisces Traditionally Rules the 12th House.

The 12th house is known as the house of hidden mysteries and self undoing. This is where we cover up and protect ourselves, often times, on an unconscious level. Tapping into the depths of our own unconscious can lead us to big break throughs in dealing with our shadow self. However, remaining unconscious and with no penetration into the inner depths leaves us, just that, unconscious. This is where we can secretly undo ourselves, repeating the same mistakes and patterns again and again.
To tap into these more hidden aspects of ourselves takes courage. It is a very courageous person who can own up to their negative faults, behavior and actions. We all have a shadow side and so allowing space and time for integration is one of the greatest tools to mastering the 12th house, Neptune and Pisean aspects in our chart.

However the person that does not take ownership over their shadow will remain in a tailspin of illusion, pain and suffering for themselves and everyone around them. Watch out for this type of character. They will suck you in and drag you down. Don’t beat afraid to set boundaries which is quite often a Pisean issue to begin with.


“Neptune, God of the Sea, is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle.” -Cafe Astrology

There is a bit of a fog when it comes to Neptune. At its highest octave Neptune offers compassion and creativity. At its lowest, illusions and trickery. Whichever house Neptune is in will tell you where you might have a clouded / starry eyed view of the world. Neptune in the second house might bring some fogginess around your understanding of money. While Neptune in the 7th house might create an illusion around partnerships. However with enough inner penetration you will be able to find creative solutions to overcoming these foggy obstacles.

The task then is to stay connected and committed to our spiritual practices. Our practices are what protects us when the fog clears and suddenly we see danger ahead. Our practices are what can help pull us out of the chaos when we aren’t able to see it brewing. Our practices are what help us to integrate the shadow side of our nature into the light we cast out into the world.

My Living Truth 

I am currently sitting here in South India where everything moves a little bit slower and allot more in tune with nature. I have been diving deep into Ayurvedic healing and study of this tribal medicine practice. The treatments work on the subtle layer of the body although they have to first enter through the physical. There are allot of oils and herbs involved. Sometimes the oil is massaged into the skin with just the practitioners hands, other times they use bags filled with a combination of herbs dipped into hot oil and then stamped into the skin. I can’t say that it actually feels good to get the treatment, (like a hot stone massage in the west might feel good). But I can, after only a few treatments, feel the penetration of the subtle layers within my being. It’s working with my shadow, the unseen and deeply hidden aspects of myself.
My Ayurvedic teacher, like any incredible healer, can see everything that’s going on inside of me and all of his patients here in the village. He then guides me through meditation, discussions and dream work to help me see and understand what is taking place deep inside myself.

Everyday we mediate in the morning and then again in the evening. We visualize our heart chakras firing out flames of love, we sit in silence for some time then we express our devotion with sacred songs. This is the practice that allows for total integration of the seen and unseen.

The truth is that I don’t always see “it”. But I know enough to trust the guidance, the process and the journey. And that’s exactly what we are all called to do with the Sun in Pisces.

Sitting under this Pisean sun, feel the call to dive deeper into the exploration and integration of the hidden aspects of your own self ( chart ). This is the month to go into the storage bin and get rid of all that clutter. Cut the chords of lingering energy, give away clothing and items that no longer serve you. Sit with the parts of yourself that want to avoid the truth of your negative actions and love yourself until you heal completely and can move forward. Connect to the collective consciousness to unite in the process of healing our earth and all of its people.

The Practice 

Begin by finding a quiet place to sit. Clear your mind with a few deep breaths. If possible, burn some incense to help awaken the divine mood. Set your intention based on everything you have read above. You can chant this mantra 108 times using a pair of Mala beads. Or, you can set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and chant repeatedly until the time is up.

Om Guruve Namah

“Om and salutations to Guru, presiding spirit of the planet Jupiter”

(Remember that with Vedic astrology the ruler of Pisces is Jupiter since Neptune was discovered later and is only acknowledged in western astrology.)

What are the parts of your shadow that you have been avoiding? How will you begin to work with this energy and integrate the light and dark within yourself?

Follow the path of your hearts calling and remember to embrace the blessings!

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