Mantra Meditation: Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn


Millions marched across the world in unity against the newly sworn in US president Donald J. Trump. Signs were read, voices were heard, and the consciousness of the world awoke. Many more watched from thier computer screens and television sets the incredible numbers of those marching across our great planet.

This is a perfect example of how we as individuals can only do so much, but joining together for the greater good, dropping our ego and saying “ we are all in this together” is a force that can move mountains!



Aquarius is a fixed sign that leans more towards the practical and analytical as opposed to intuitive feelings and emotions. Aquarians can get a reputation for being cold and detached but this is a misconception. The Aquarians nature is to see the bigger picture beyond just “me myself and I.” They are truly interested in how the dots connect in order to make something go. While a more emotional and feeling based sign tends to view the world from within their own personal sphere.

Aquarius sits opposite Leo. The Leo traits can help us further understand the makeup of the Aquarian. Where Leo shines bright and takes on the role of the solo star (or sun as in its ruler), I like to think of the Aquarian as the scientist that holds a very specific key or piece of knowledge that is needed for a much bigger project to come to fruition. This knowledge is integral to the big picture but alone it is just a random piece. Therefor Aquarius needs others in order to shine.

You see, Aquarians are very special and incredibly unique but this doesn’t make them stand out like the solo lion in its lair. Instead they hold their power, knowledge and creativity in a way that is uniquely their own, but it only moves into its highest vibration when it is part of a group.


The 11th house, traditionally ruled by Aquarius speaks to our community relationships.

My Sun sign is in the 11th house. Is it any wonder why I am a teacher and a writer who feels comfortable sharing my personal journey with so many people? I wouldn’t be much without my community. My stories and teachings would not go very far without a community to receive them.


The 11th house is just that, our community, the people we work with, the people we live with. It is not so much our intimate relationships as in the 7th house; it is much more of a social connection.

Another thing to note is that we just recently moved into the Age of Aquarius. The Ages last for a little over 2000 years. We just shifted from the Piscean Age, which was much more a solo, internal and personal journey into the Aquarian Age which sparks the movement towards living in community and recognizing that we are all one and we are all in this together.


Other obvious symbols of the Aquarian age are Social Media, Cell Phones, The Internet and Apps, that allow us to connect and expand our local community into a global one.

Knowledge of ancient times is now being shared easily and sometimes even hastily which means we are still very much in a learning curve at the beginning of this new age. However, the symbolism is rich and clear.

The Aquarian promotes connection and interconnectedness. It is the satellite in the sky seeing the far out future while staying rooted in the reality of human connection.

The 11th house also represents our hopes and our dreams. By banding together collectively and leaning into the heart of our community we can create so much more than when we work alone.


The ruling planet of Aquarius is traditionally Saturn then later Uranus. We learned about Saturn last month with the Capricorn Sun. Check out the post here to refresh your memory.

While this months mantra will stay the same (Vedic culture does not recognize the outer planets) we should still look at the incredible energy and symbolism of the planet Uranus to understand where we can deepen the intention of our mantra practice.


Uranus is the planet of rebellion.

It brings with it a new way of looking at things. With my Sun being in the 11th house,  I cannot tell you how many times I have initiated some sort of radical change within the status quo of my work and living environments. It’s not always welcomed and I’ve learned to embrace that. If I am apart of any team or communal environment I know that my role will ultimately challenge and shift things forward and sometimes that means total annilation and destruction of what is old and outdated. YIKES!

With the sun in Aquarius your job is to meditate on where and how you connect to others. If you feel you haven’t found your tribe it’s time to start looking. There are so many incredible people in the world that will help to raise your vibration and give you that deep feeling of community.


*What are your gifts that should be shared with others? How can you begin to unite people and create community out of these gifts?

*What are your hopes and dreams and how does this fit into the greater picture of impacting the world for the next seven generations to come?


*Do you fear community? If so, how can you begin to step into that fear so that you can evolve along with the rest of humanity?  Hint: chant your mantra!



Chanting the Saturn mantra can help to heal your root chakra and ground you in full confidence of your being! 

Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha

( sounds like: om shanesh-char-aye-ya nam-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Shani the presiding spirit of the planet Saturn”

The health of our roots depend greatly on understanding our tribe, representing both where we come from (our family and friends we grew up with/ how we were raised) and where we stand now within our current relationships.


Millions of people marching the world over is a root chakra tribal feeling indeed. Allot of healing has been sparked by this march. Thank you ladies!


What are your experiences with the Aquarian Age energy right now? How are you seeing this communal experience play out in your own life?

Much love,


Founder, Yogi and Lover of Life



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