Mantra Meditation: Capricorn and Saturn



“With the sun in Capricorn and especially in the beginning of this period at the Winter Solstice, everyone’s goals and ambitions shine.

This is the season of building for sake of the social matrix that surrounds us, and we take the honors that accrue as the symbol of our success in that important endeavor.

Our sense of personal discipline is high and our practical nature also. It’s a good time to exercise authority and natural mastery of our field, and to put our best foot forward.” – Time Passages


Capricorn traditionally rules the 10th house. This is the house of career and social status. This house is directly opposite the 4th house, which tells us how we came into the world, how we were nurtured and the challenges and support that comes from this first phase of our human experience.

With the 10th house we discover how we are, in a sense, heading out of the world. We uncover the legacy we are destined to leave behind within our work and social relations created through that work. Through our work in life we find our way. Is it any wonder why Capricorns tend to be such solid workers?!

Capricorns carry a strong commitment for getting the job done. They are the ones you can rely on for finishing a project and seeing tasks through. Capricorns are concerned with their own legacy no matter how simple that legacy may be.


We’ve just come through the winter solstice. Three months from now will be the Spring Equinox, a time when buds begin to make their way towards the sunlight. We will  have a little ways to go before the harvest but we will begin to see the fruits of our efforts, the seeds we are consciously planting now during the Winter Solstice and Capricorn Sun.

The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn is often referred to as the Grandfather planet, the taskmaster and the teacher. It is the energy in our charts that asks us to have the foundational aspects of our life in order: our finances, career and home. Saturn governs the bones of our body and the bones of our life. We don’t want our bones to be weak and brittle. We need strength and stability if we are to enjoy life and Saturn makes sure we work for it. We need to take our vitamins and do our taxes and come up with a business plan that exemplifies an obtainable goal.


What seeds are you planting at this time?

With Capricorn highlighting our journey into the new year it makes sense that we would reconsider and revise our goals for the next year to come, or even just the next three months until the Spring Equinox.


What did you accomplish this past year?

Were your accomplishments connected to the truth of your spirit?

Who were the people and/ or situations that brought challenges and success to your path?

 Based on your answers how would you like this coming year to feel and /or look?

What are the practical steps you need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from now?

Write all of this down and keep meditating until you have it right. Use these notes for your New Moon intention setting ceremony just around the corner!

Remember that if you build your house on a faulty foundation, it will eventually crumble. Like a good warrior pose you need to have your feet rooted into the earth. Dig in your heals and spread your toes. Don’t be afraid to welcome the earth energy to rise up through your being and support you.

The Truth about Saturn

Regardless of whether or not you are in the midst of your Saturn return, Saturn is in your chart 100% of the time.

While a Saturn return will feel more intense we are always being asked to learn from Saturn.

Saturn is the key to our karma, how to appease it and possibly even how to renegotiate. Study where Saturn is at in your chart and chant this mantra.

Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha

Om and salutations to Shani the presiding spirit of the planet Saturn”

For maximum benefit chant this mantra a minimum of 25000 repetitions each time Saturn changes the sign it moves through.


Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and in another year will move into Capricorn. Can you see the journey of what we are working with?

With Saturn in Sagittarius we are getting clear about our dreams, the highest possibility for the vision of our lives. With Saturn moving into Capricorn we will be asked to take the appropriate actions and actually WORK for what we want in life. We are bringing the visions down from the cosmos and into the earth, into our very own reality.

This also just happened with the Sun going from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Don’t let the holiday cheer full you, it is time to get to work!

Let this be a month of honoring the foundation in your life. Take care of your karma. Tend to the tasks that will help support you not just today but a year from now and forever!

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