Yoga Vacation the Independent Way!


The cold is here and its time to plan your escape!


I will be taking up residency this February of 2017 on Arambol Beach in Goa and I would love for you to join me for a yoga holiday vacation! 

In conjunct with the teacher training courses I will be offering, the doors are wide open for you to book your vacation as you see fit and enjoy 2 yoga classes a day with me as your guide!

Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature, taking a stroll along the beach to our yoga temple, enjoying a morning practice then going off to venture out on your own!

We reconvene after a few hours of swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the beach for a late day practice. We finish just in time to take in the sunset and dance in the drum circle. The evening is yours to do as you choose.


How it works:

$300.00 gets you two yoga classes a day for 5 days. Choose from the dates below.

You pay for your own lodging and food. Lodging typically runs 10-15 dollars a day and food maybe 5-10$ depending on your appetite. You can go way cheaper and way more expensive depending on your needs.

Learn more about Goa here!

Enjoy nightlife dancing and performances, workshops offered all over the beach ranging from drumming lessons to tantra. Nightly sunset walks along the beach. And best of all, meeting the most amazing people!

This retreat allows you to go with your own flow. No need to worry about personality conflicts or spending too much time in a group. This is more of a vacation with really good yoga thrown into the mix.

This is a great option for the budget traveler, solo traveler, women traveling alone and anyone else who is looking for the best yoga retreat in Goa. This will be money well spent!

I will be open to supporting you, connecting with you and giving you any travel tips you could possibly need.

Learn more about me on the founder page.

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Arambol Beach

Winter 2018/2019 COMMING SOON!


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