Yoga School on a Budget


By now you know that what I love is offering transformational experiences and doing so at an affordable rate. I call this transformational leadership. I just don’t think its necessary for you to spend so much money to advance your education or your quality of life.

We all deserve to explore and grow! Teacher trainings and yoga programs have gotten so expensive and so removed from what the practice of yoga truly is. I am on a quest to carry us back to our roots and I would love for you to hear me out and potentially join me!


Since going to India in 2011 I have understood well that India is about stripping down our material illusions. Why on earth would anyone pay thousands of dollars to practice yoga when you can do so for virtually free in India?

The only thing to be weary of is the level of experience you are paying for or not paying for. You want to trust your teacher and know that what you are getting is quality. It may be cheaper in India, but it isn’t always quality.

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I’ve personally witnessed horror story teacher training courses where newly crowned teachers graduate knowing nothing about teaching yoga. I accidentally found myself at the helm of a teacher training being offered in Rishikesh last Spring. I had offered to teach a few beginner yoga classes in service to the ashram where I had decided to stay. What I found out very quickly was that students had signed up for a registered yoga alliance training and no one was teaching them how to teach yoga.

It was heartbreaking to see these students being taken advantage of. Even worse they were still given a certificate and if they choose to teach could do more harm than good.

Through my own offerings in India, I am on a quest to shift that paradigm and offer high quality yoga teacher education in the birthplace of yoga. Combining the vibrations of magical India with the perspective of teaching in the western world.

You deserve to teach better!

For the month of February 2017 I will be offering four advanced yoga immersions. Each one is 5 days long. You can take one or all four. That is up to you!

The first 3 will take place in Goa on the beach. The final course will take place in Rishikesh on the Ganga.

Each immersion is only 300 us dollars. This does not include your food, lodging or travel expenses.


This is a 25 hour training.  Yoga Alliance certification will be offered through the AlakhYog Foundation known for offering by donation yoga teacher trainings.  I personally believe the yoga alliance is questionable but fully honor if you want that stamp on your resume.

The focus of the immersion is on Ayurveda Sequencing and the Lunar Cycle. This means you will walk with a greater understanding of the moons cycles and how to sequence appropriately to the energy of the moon not just the season!

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You will also practice teaching these sequences as well as giving and receiving hands on assists.

I will be open to supporting you and holding space together as friend and as a teacher. This retreat style will force you to be more independent in taking care of your needs but will also save you money while getting a high level yoga teacher training to take you to the next level of your practice and teaching.

Dates and Times

February 1st-5th Arambol Beach

February 7th-11th Arambol Beach

February 15th-20th Arambol Beach

February 22nd-26th Rishikesh

Program Schedule


9am – 12pm practice and training

Break for lunch, rest and integration

4pm -6pm practice and training



Practice times are 1pm and 4pm, deep training in between


2 Daily group yoga practices

Sequence methodology, research and discussion

Practice teaching

Mantra Meditation



Yoga Philosophy

And more….

$300.00 usd

Does not include food or lodging

Goa and Rishikesh are magical in so many ways. There are hundreds of places to stay along the beach and Ganga for anywhere from $10 and up depending on your needs. Food is usually less than 5$ per meal depending on your hunger!

You book your own room and pay for your meals. You wake in the day, have a gentle and easeful morning then take a stroll to meet up at our yoga temple to dive into practice. This is a great opportunity for a solo traveler or female traveler looking to make friends along the way.

You do not have to be a certified instructor to take this course. A genuine interest and heart for the practice and a willingness to evolve is qualification enough. However, there are some things that might not make as much sense as if you have had previous training and I don’t believe the hours will count within yoga alliance. This is for you decide. This is not a 200 hour teacher training course so you will need to be prepared for diving into a completely new experience.


What’s Goa Like?


Nightlife (live music, art, performance)


Less religious more hippies

Feels like summer time

What’s Rishikesh Like?


Holy River Ganga


Holy Temples


Feels more like spring time, spurts of cool with heat in the sun

*Because of the nature of India the times we gather may shift a little. This is to accommodate us if it is too hot or conditions of space require some flexibility. We will flow and support each other in this process along the way.

Any questions you have can be asked by contacting me directly. You can also visit the weblink here!


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