How a Yoga Teacher Training Course In India Can Impact Your Life!

With so many yoga teacher-training courses in the world, deciding which one is right for you can be tough.



Do you stay at a studio close to home or adventure out to a foreign country? I have trained students in local environments and also abroad. Both have pros and cons. I lead a 200 hour teacher training course in Arambol Beach Goa in India. It is something truly special and I would love to give you insight into what a top teacher training course can look   and feel like.




Living in a foreign country for a month while studying yoga gives you an uninterrupted immersion into your practice!

While doing a training where you live has its benefits it also keeps you very much connected to your day to day existence which can sometimes create a lot of distractions. Sadly, these life duty distractions ultimately keep us from going to our depth within the work.

Traveling abroad gives us the opportunity to put all of our daily duties aside allowing us to give more attention to ALL aspects of the practice, especially your own personal evolution! Living in community with your fellow yogis creates a safe and open container to take full advantage of the yoga training and community it naturally fosters.

Traveling abroad also allows us to step out of our culture and go way beyond our job titles and responsibilities. Imagine leaving all of that behind while taking your yoga studies to a whole new level! This is how people transform themselves into the teachers you see today. It isn’t sheer luck or talent but a dedicated perseverance to showing up every day while dropping the stories of the past- which is far easier to do when you are on a beautiful beach in a foreign country.

Being in India, you are in the birth place of yoga. Transmissions can be received from the vibrations alone, which is why most yogis that have trained in India have a certain depth and understanding of the practice which completely sets them apart from other western teachers.



Only a Western Teacher Can Teach You About Teaching in the West. Only an Indian teacher can Teach You About Yoga Traditions of the East.

Most yoga programs throughout India give an experience, they don’t really teach you the hands on of leading a class or private lesson. Why? Because Indians don’t know what its like to teach in the west if they have never done it before.

Allot of what is taught in India would never take place at a studio in the west because of safety factors alone. Indian yoga is different than western yoga. This is the beauty of it.

Western yoga has lost its spiritual groove. Mainly because people are continuing to train in the west which doesn’t hold allot of interest or space for the philosophical teachings that often impacts a students soul. The western way is far more physical and far less interpersonal than the Indian teachings.

The idea here is to find a training program that is neither devoid of either but rather a bridge between both worlds. This is not easy. But if you are reading this, you are one click away from striking gold!



Trainings should not cost you a fortune.

India is a great place to train because we can live affordably. Not having to stress about finances put us at ease and allows for even more focus and surrender into the moment.



Subtle body and philosophy is something that most teachers are lacking these days because of a fitness-oriented world.

Most people are growing tried of what yoga has become– a place for fitness as opposed to a temple for housing the spirit. By artfully blending the esoteric with the physical you will make a tremendous impact on the lives of your students while doing what is most important- teaching from you heart!

While being fitness oriented isn’t a bad thing, it also isn’t yoga. Yoga philosphy allows us to connect at the heart level with our students. This offers the potential to truly build your tribe of like minded yogis which will eventually lead to your own successful retreats, workshops and trainings.



The number one complaint regarding teacher training programs EVERYWHERE is that there isn’t enough time actually practicing teaching.

Generally speaking, over seas training is unique in that the course groups are much smaller than the 40 plus you experience in a place like New York City. This fosters room for attention and time to actually practice the art of teaching.

Becoming a yoga teacher often means that the practice of yoga has made a huge impact on our mind, body and spirit. We are now ready to take the plunge and learn how to, not only deepen our own practice, but to also share this incredible gift safely with others.

Before you commit, research the training program well. Email advisors and ask questions. Inquire about past graduating students and ask for letters of recommendation. This shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

Are you ready to dive in and make the commitment to your yogic path? Email me today with any questions and join me in India April 2018! 


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