Monthly Mantra Meditation: Sagittarius and Jupiter!

My teacher’s teacher says that Sagittarius, symbolized by the centaur holding a bow and arrow, aims to shoot its arrows into the heart of the cosmos, the center of the universe.

Welcome the Sagittarius Sun!


Sagittarians are truth seekers and freedom fighters of the spirit. Forever seeking, learning and teaching. We (Yes, I am a sag!) love far off places and journeys to the unknown – as long as we are continuously learning and exalted in our spiritual pursuits.

Sagittarius comes after the sorrowful and oftentimes intense death of Scorpio. While Scorpio represents the killing frosts after the harvest Sagittarius represents the celebration of acceptance and moving forward. This is aptly timed ( here is the west) with holiday gatherings and reunions of friends and family.

The planet Jupiter known as the Guru planet rules Sagittarius. It is often referred to as the giver of gifts and luck. The Jupiterian ray makes people humane, honorable, courteous, refined and generous, law- abiding and religious, cheerful and optimistic.

When Jupiter is afflicted this influence can make the person lawless, sensuous, self-indulgent, gluttonous, extravagant and careless in the payment of his obligations, hence liable to loss of health, trouble with the law and consequent social disgrace.

Not only is the sun currently in Sagittarius but it is also  currently residing in Saturn. This is a profound period of moving towards our higher vision. Are you feeling the call?

Even as (United States) society deals with post election fallout and the struggle to protect our scared waters we are redefining, culturally, what is important to us as we move further into the Aquarian age.


Over the next 28 days or so I invite you to meditate on the vision of your life. What is the higher octave of your dream and what tools can you employ to help you get there?


Look to Sagittarius

Look to Jupiter

Look to your 9th house

Invite in the benevolent Guru to guide you in the direction of your spirit. Listen to his teachings. Humble yourself and let go of what is no longer serving the higher vision of your life for the sake of an enlightened humanity. Shoot for the stars of your highest self!

Om Gurave Namaha

“Om and Salutations to Guru, presiding spirit of the Planet Jupiter”

Listent to the mantra here! 




  • “I grow”
  • Mutable | Masculine | Fire
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • House: 9th
  • Traditional Symbol: Archer
  • Modern Symbol: Archer
  • Archetype: Guru or Gambler
  • Body: Muscles & thighs
  • Color: Green
  • Opposite Sign: Gemini

High Functioning Sagittarius:

  • Genuine, open
  • Inspirational & growth oriented
  • Generous
  • Enjoy teaching & motivating
  • Laid back & easy
  • Open to conversation
  • Flexible
  • Good at play
  • Sense of humor
  • Freedom granting

Low Functioning Sagittarius:

  • Over-promise/under-deliver
  • Exaggerate
  • Over-sharing & gossiping
  • Too go with the flow
  • Dreamers
  • Risk taking
  • Flirtatious
  • Commitment-phobic
  • Flaky
  • Chasing too many ideas at once

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