Light in the Shadows


I am forever grateful to be here in this time and space with you all.

It is not easy being a light worker. It is not easy being awake and conscious. But as conscious beings on the path of light our only option is to continue, in dark times, to cast our light into the shadows.

At the moment, many of us are deep within our pain bodies, feeling many waves of overflowing fluctuating emotions. We are exactly where we need to be.


We are all conduits for pain to move through us.

Let it move so that we do not become hardened with dis-ease. Get to your yoga mat, your meditation cushion, your song circle, your prayer beads, that pot of soup – whatever it is. Sit down, stand up, dance around and move it all in, out and through. If you are blessed to have such tools as these, use your privilege to activate that inner ladder and climb yourself out of this well of madness.

While I know this isn’t a solution to the overwhelming thoughts of what will come next or the seemingly senseless tragedy that has occurred. What I can offer you is encouragement to practice, pray and process as a way to get outside of the monkey mind madness, if even for a moment.


It is in this way that perspective and solutions arise. It is in this way that we are reminded of our true nature beyond the emotions that are taking hold.

Let us take a deep breath and connect to the greater consciousness of humanity and feed the heart that we all know exists, even deep within the shadows of a day like today.

There is still great work to be done here.


With love,


Cofounder, Yogi, Lover of Life

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