Monthly Mantra Meditation: Scorpio /Mars/Pluto

“With the sun in scorpio depth of perception becomes the norm. Everyone becomes much more aware of the mysteries of life. We are sensitive to the dark spaces within our own souls and more tuned in as well to depth connection with others around us.” -Time Passages 

There are high functioning Scorpios and there are low functioning Scorpios.

The high level beings are more conscious of their powers and so direct those powers towards higher qualities of manifestation.

This is known as the Eagle energy of Scorpio.

The low level scorpios are the ones that are stuck in the desire to be powerful often times destroying everything around them just to prove this point. Some might call this behavior “the sting” of the scorpion.

The challenge is for us to transform the lower energy towards the higher.

Can the Scoprion become the Eagle?


Scorpio is part of what is often referred to as the psychic trinity, the water signs / houses in the zodiac. These signs and houses can hold the unique gifts of being able to empathize through psychic airwaves and to better understand the people or situations around them. It can also tempt some to go the route of manipulation with the underlying objective being one of power and control. 

Scorpio awakens our transformation. The 8th house rules death, sex and taxes (other peoples money). All three subjects are often hidden in shadow, unseen and not likely talked about at the dinner table.

But when we brave ourselves into the darkness we learn who we truly are as an individual when we lose someone or something we love. We discover more about ourselves through our intimate partners and how making love can heal and transform us. We gain stability when we go deep into our bank accounts and take action to pay back our debts. 

These same topics can debilitate us if acted upon or dealt with in unconscious ways.


With the Scorpio sun we want to welcome in this time of transformation. Let the layers shed and fall just as the trees are releasing their colorful leaves to the earth.

Whatever spirit is removing from your life in this moment, trust it as part of your own transformation. With each layer you are getting closer to you and closer to the source of your divine offering. 

The current times we are living in are presenting challenges for all of us. Those who have worked to develop a higher level of consciousness are handling the pressures and transitions with grace. While those who are unaware and undeveloped are struggling. This time of the Scorpio sun will only highlight whichever position, light or dark, that you are standing in. 

Each one of us has Scorpio somewhere in our charts.
Its ruler Pluto (and Mars) is there too. We all have the capacity to expand our depth of perception, to go full on into our passions and to use our innate powers for good rather than darkness.  Study your chart. Meditate on what you find. Take action to evolve, to transform and to transcend. 

Chant this mantra to tune into the Scorpio Sun and to gain strength and perseverence as you dive deeper into the depths of your own Eagle transformation.

Om Sri Angarakaya Namah

“Om and salutations to the presiding spirit of the planet Mars”

Chant 108 times two times a day for this solar cycle.

Scorpio Traits

“I transform”
Fixed | Feminine | Water Sign
Planet: Pluto/Mars
House: 8th
Traditional Symbol: Scorpion
Modern Symbol: Scorpion
Archetype: Phoenix
Body: Sexual and eliminative
Color: Black
Opposite Sign: Taurus

High Functioning Scorpio

Focused, driven, determined
Loyal friend and partner
Desires intimacy with partner
Good in times of crisis
Problem solvers
Deeply intuitive
Sensually expressive

Low Functioning Scorpio

Secretive, Jealous, possessive, demanding
Controlling, manipulative
Feel things deeply
Hard time letting go
Hard time trusting

2 thoughts on “Monthly Mantra Meditation: Scorpio /Mars/Pluto

  1. I am a Scorpio, born Nov 9th 1961. All those descriptions are true. Unfortunately, I find winter and the holidays very difficult. The darkness and holiday season makes me feel the loss of passed on loved ones very difficult.I miss my mother mother especially. I have a very hard time letting it go, I may never as I would feel more lost without those deep feelings of the loss. Kinda complicated. Its painful and yet I don’t want to let it go; feels like thats all I have left in a way.

    1. Hi Lisa, Thank you for your response here. I don’t think you are alone in all that you are feeling. Scorpio season is a time of honoring all those who have passed, known and unknown. I imagine this can be very difficult for those of us who have experienced such losses.
      Something you could try to do around this time of year, because you know that this is a cyclical feeling, is to counter balance what normally comes up by creating intentional rituals to connect with your pain and even those who have passed on if it is of interest to you.
      Even gifting yourself something nice during these darker more emotional times, something along the lines of self care, could be a way to go.

      Perhaps you don’t need to let go but what would help is to move the energy by activating it, not letting it sit inside you and weigh you down but moving it out into an offering. What do you think?

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