In Defense of Healing


Not all yoga studios will allow me the space to truly express the work that I do. When I am alone with clients, one on one or in smaller private groups, we are able to take the experience much deeper so that the practice reaches its full potential.

It is as if these studios are afraid to take the practice to the next level, which is the original intention of yoga in the first place. I understand the controversy around the word “healing” and calling ourselves “healers”, but many of us are. I also understand the fears that come up around the word “guru”. Then again, many of us are.

Why these phrases make westerners so uncomfortable is just a testament to our fear based values. If we look to the cultures that honor these ways of being it is a much different currency that they honor. It is much more about valuing spiritual wealth as opposed to financial wealth which often comes with a sense of pride, greed and of course fear.


When I began to practice yoga, I began to heal. Like many people that was the beginning of something else, a doorway to walk through towards a higher calling, a better way of loving myself and after a lifetime of struggling to accept my own body finally reaching freedom in my physical vessel.


Of course I would want to share this great tool with others. Sharing what works is a part of my genetic code. It’s not about the title of “healer” of “guru” that inspires me to share. It is about wanting people to find freedom in all walks of life and in all corners of the world. After all, a true healer teaches others how to heal themselves.


Healing comes with the journey, as does guru. When you are a light for others who are trapped in darkness that’s just what happens. We don’t need to get attached to it. All we need to do is let it flow. We awaken one person and maybe they are following our teachings for life. Maybe they also awaken to find another teacher that fully leads them to liberation.

I recognize that my “healer-ship” ends where another’s begins and vice versa. I might not have all of what it takes to heal someone completely, but I do know enough to help those that know less than me. With the amount of knowledge I have through my own sacred experience and also under guidance of my own teacher who is far superior in knowledge, heart and vision, I trust where and when I can truly be of help.

I fell in love with yoga because of its systematic approach to elevating ones heart and mind towards a spiritually fulfilled life. I love the branches of Ayurveda, Mantra and also Astrology. I also love India with all of its mayhem and magic taking place at once. Even though I didn’t step foot on her soil until I was 30 years old, when I arrived I felt that a part of me had come home.

These are all things that naturally speak to my spirit and draw me in with ease. It is effortless for me to chant mantra for hours, to cook slowly with spices, and to meditate before bed each night.

As you begin to approach your own spiritual practice and journey, begin by asking yourself what it is that you are naturally drawn to. What sort of spiritual ways have always spoken to you but perhaps you never had the encouragement to acknowledge it?

When I was a child I loved astrology books and witchcraft. Thankfully my mother was very open to supporting my choices when it came to books and I learned early on about altars and spells. It was a very playful and curious time for me. These spells now take place as prayers and I use astrology every single day for guidance and understanding. It wasn’t as if my family was participating in my interest to the point of deep cultivation. There was an allowance, which I am truly grateful for. However my real steeping didn’t begin until I began to seek and find others who were matching my vibration. This ultimately led me to my spiritual teacher, Maestro Manuel Rufino and the Golden Drum community.


Because of my teacher and community I have been blessed to be exposed to many different sacred traditions of humanity. As well as, garnering practices that don’t come naturally to me but are incredibly helpful for my own healing and spiritual pursuits. This knowledge has helped to shape who I am and what I offer as, yes, a healer in this world and maybe even a guru for some at one point or another. Again, its not about these titles, its about the mission of the work.

All of this is to say, don’t be afraid to follow your own sacred path of healing.

Study, practice and if you haven’t found your teacher then find a good mentor who actually has a teacher. Some things we can pick up and teach ourselves but a teacher will help guide you through the muck. Believe me when I say the muck will come.

While things may appear light and lovely as we capture the material side of light-work ( crystals, tarot card images, altars etc.), lets not forget that this work is about casting out darkness, illuminating the oppressor and liberating all beings on all planes.

Let’s heal the whole world!

With love,

Co-Founder, Chief Visionary, Lover of life


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