Yoga Teacher Training India!

Our Teacher Training Course is a journey to empowerment.

We empower yogis to develop a soul-centered practice that can one day be confidently shared with the world around them in an effort to spread the health, light, and love of yoga to all people of the Earth.

We translate the traditions of yoga for the Western seeker making the practice applicable and accessible to all levels.

It is of utmost importance to unite the traditions of yoga with the practical matters of teaching in the West. We lead our trainings on Indian soil so that students can connect with the deep history of its land and people. This gives the student a greater understanding of where Yoga comes from and how to contextualize it if they should continue teaching in the West.

Through our curriculum, you will learn that the foundation of teaching begins with practice and integration of techniques and studies. We are rooted in the traditions of Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga. Embracing the various lineages of yoga, as well as esoteric, astrological and shamanic practices, our teachers graduate with the knowledge that connects practitioners not just to their bodies, but also to the heart and soul of their being.

Arambol Beach is a magical seaside town with a fascinating community of expats, travelers, musicians, and locals. In this environment you will fall far away from your normal routine, diving deep into the study of Yoga, creating community while awakening your highest potential for the path of becoming a leader and teacher of Yoga.

Course Content

Yoga Philosophy

History of Yoga

Anatomy and Physiology



Sequencing (Lunar Cycle, Weather/Seasons, Planets)


Breath-work (Shamanic Healing)

Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)






Introduction to Ayurveda

Diet and Health

The Business of Yoga

Becoming a Professional Yoga Teacher

Retreats, Workshops and Finding Your Niche

The Rise of Shamanism and Yoga

Ready to take the journey of lifetime?

 February 2019 South India!

Cant wait to be with you in India!

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