5 Rituals to Tidy Up Your Psychic Space

We all know what is feels like to live in a messy house.

The impact a room filled with clutter can have on our psyche let alone our physical awareness can be debilitating. We  enter our homes filled with willful inspiration only to be impeded by all the little things piling up that distract us left and right.


Last spring I downloaded a copy of Mari Kondos, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Along with millions of others across the ethers I participated in a systematic ritual of releasing all the objects, clothing, home goods and love letters that no longer held a place of joy in my heart or practical function in my life. It was a huge relief to cross that bridge of release and I’ve not looked back since.


Cleansing is a continual process often marked by the changing seasons or a strong planetary shift in the heavens. It is a constant dance of letting go and tidying up. Cleaning isn’t just something we experience on the physical level within our homes and bodies (such as when we do a juice cleanse). It is something that we need to recognize on the subtle levels as well.

What about our psychic space?

As a light worker out in the world encountering many people from all walks of life, it has always been a strong part of my practice to keep myself at a higher vibration than my clients.

With Yoga being the basis for my healing practice, I adhere to a mostly yogic diet, study the principles of yoga philosophy along with consistent participation in healing work, ceremonies and rituals from sacred traditions. I never want to be energetically heavier than my students and these practices help me clear away dense energy that I can often absorb in the process of healing others.

I got to thinking. If it is important for me to clean myself after working with people up close and personal, what about the people I interact with online?

When we meet someone in person we can generally pick up on his or her vibration. What about our online interactions with virtual strangers? Not just the obvious darker material that can be glossed over or ignored but also the hidden behaviors behind all posts, tweets and images. What we don’t see; anger, jealousy, greed, lust, and all the lower vibrational frequencies, can very well merge into our own light body and begin to weigh us down, even pull us down into lower vibrational thinking.


There is a collective consciousness fed by these unseen forces. Certain types of music, advertisements and media that “we the people” are constantly bombarded with further exasperate our fears, self-doubt, greed and perversion even at the subtlest of levels. It is imperative to our growth as a conscious collective to bring light to the mysteries of the unseen virtual world.


I don’t want to give up social media. I love the opportunity that it lends for self-expression, events, offerings and connection. It is an incredible symbol of the Aquarian Age. But I do want to establish a stronger awareness and discipline of cleaning these energies out of my field so that I don’t take them to bed with me each night. 

What are you taking to bed?

The following practices can be woven into your life as you see fit.

The best cleansing rituals are done before bedtime. This is the moment where you can consciously release anything absorbed throughout the day. Let it be an enjoyable ritual of shutting down your computer and cellphone to clear your field so that you can better connect with the world wide web of dreamscapes, symbols and messages.

Consider just what it is you are taking to bed with you each night and these rituals will get easier and more enjoyable to practice.

Remember, if we are doing things without appropriate awareness, such as burning sacred herbs, we could be fanning the flames as opposed to putting them out.

As a light worker it is extremely important to give ourselves fully to these moments and to never multitask when it comes to working with the unseen realms of spirit. This leads us to grace, which is one of the single most important attributes of any healer and one you certainly can’t purchase from any top shop or DIY designer.


Sacred Herbs

Burning Sage, Copal, Palo Santo or any incense that is available to you will help you cultivate cleanliness and protection. Simply cup the smoke in your hands and bless your body from the earth to the sky and then back down to the earth. Intuit what parts of the field and body need attention and be sure to always include your heart and mind.



Water is a beautiful way to cleanse. Water ceremonies take place in all sacred traditions the world over! Taking a shower or bath with mindfulness to release those negative toxins is incredibly helpful.

Water can also help absorb energy in a private session if you feel that you need protection or are someone who is prone to absorb others “stuff” easily.

Simply take a vessel of water and place it in front of you or on an altar. Allow for all of the vibrations from your client to flow into that vessel of water. Once the session is over simply release it to the Earth. This can be done outside or even inside if there are plants. Trust that the earth will neutralize all toxins and rebirth a greater more benevolent energy.



Mantras can be used to protect as well as clean your auric field. These mantras are seed mantras known as bija mantras. Each sound correlates to one of our seven known chakras.


Our chakras are essentially wheels of vibrational frequency spinning to move energy out or draw energy in. If we suck in someone else’s hidden frequency of sorrow then we need to learn how to properly move it so that it doesn’t get lodged within our own system. These mantras will help us connect to our vibration at the highest level so that our energy body/ auric field stays resonate to the highest vibration.


The Power of Prayer

Ask for help in releasing these energies from the higher power you connect with. Sprit, Gaia, Amma, Hunab Ku, Wankan Tanka, Angels, Arc Angels etc. Connect with them deeply and sincerely and they will help to guide and protect you.

The Power of Visualization

Create a visual ritual of releasing all negativity in the way that is specific to you. This can be done any where and at anytime to call in the powers of cleanliness, protection and whatever else you may need. It is possible to move mountains with the power of our minds.

Lets heal the whole world!

With love,


Co-Founder, Yogi, Lover of Life


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