Mantra Meditation: Leo / The Sun!

Planetary Mantra: The Sun

Astrological Sign: Leo

I feel fortunate to say that I can actually feel the sun’s rays lighting up my heart.

Swimming in an ocean of emotion with Cancer’s crab last month invited healing and feeling in the heart and home.

It wasn’t always comfortable but it was necessary.

With the sun moving into Leo, which is ruled by the sun itself, we journey into our desires, getting in touch with our creativity and self-expression.

I was away last week on a spiritual retreat with my community. We studied the sun everyday honoring it as it arose to awaken us as well as acknowledging the gifts it left as it set into the night. It is a special practice to honor the suns power and significance in our lives. This has been practiced by the sacred traditions of humanity throughout time. It is nothing rare or new.

In astrology the sun is, as in life, the center of our being. It is the energy that radiates outward and dictates the lens of how we see the world around us giving us our perspective. My sun sign is an optimist (Sagittarius) while yours may be more discriminatory (Virgo). Studying both our sun signs can open our minds and our hearts to creating harmony even when we see the world so differently.

The key to mastering astrology is to study it, our relationships and ourselves. This is how we empower ourselves through the practice. Through empowerment comes healing and transformation.

Chanting mantras for the sun can help us to awaken and carry the power of the sun within us. Leo rules the heart and the spine. The sun is effortless in its offering of light and warmth. There is so much we can gain from the sun as it opens our heart centers with unconditional love.

The planetary mantra for Leo and the sun is:

Om Suryaya Namaha

“Om and salutations to the presiding spirit of the Sun.”

Some tips for studying your chart.

The sun and Leo traditionally rule the 5th house, our house of creativity, creation and ego expression. Planets here will have a Leo like quality. Imagine the Lion with his wild mane and puffed up heart ruling the lair. Those planets in that house are taking on or assimilating the Leo like quality in one way or another.

Look to the planets in the sign of Leo. Which planets are taking on the characteristic of the prideful and charismatic lion? Is it your love and creativity (Venus) or perhaps how you take action in life (Mars)?

Look to which house Leo is ruling. Remember, it might not be the 5th house as in the traditional rulership. Every chart is different.

Which house is your Sun in? What does that say about your place in the world and where you might feel most comfortable expressing yourself.

“With the sun in Leo, and especially in the beginning of this period, creative pursuits are emphasized. For everyone now, in the height of summer children and romance are emphasized along with your own artistic self-expression. We tend toward greater drama now than during the colder and more subdued seasons, and you might be inclined to strike out on an individual path rather than one of social bonding. Workers leave their job behind and prowl the world seeking adventure.” – Time Passages

LEO Characteristics and Traits 

Like the royal king of the jungle, Leos are the boss, but at the same time, they rule from a place of warmth, generosity. Loyal, dependable natures, and full of playfulness.

“I will” Fixed
Masculine Fire Sign
Planet: Sun
House: 5th
Traditional Symbol: Lion
Modern Symbol: Lion
Archetype: King/Queen
Body: Heart
Color: Gold
Opposite Sign: Aquarius

High Functioning Leo:

Loyal & affectionate
Protective of loved ones
Natural leaders
Inspired by Love
Romantic & passionate
Inspiring to others

Low Functioning Leo:

Lusty & hedonistic
Need to be seen as important
Need for validation
Need for praise and thank yous

Enjoy your time as a playful Leo lion this month!

With love,


Co-Founder, Yogi, Lover of Life


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