Sex and the Yogini


I went on a “date” last weekend with someone who I am shockingly and overwhelmingly attracted to.

It’s been a very long time, if ever, that I have felt such an instantaneous and deeply sensual compatibility and attraction with someone.

It literally came so far out of left field that I was left a bit blindsided. I don’t know this person, so here I am with the intention to get to know him and he is instantly trying to undress me. It was as if that was what our bodies and our energy were meant to do. It was very truthful, in a sense. A part of me would have loved to have him slowly undress me right then and there, but this type of behavior is just no longer in my deck of cards.

Here’s why.

Have you ever heard that when you sleep with someone you hold on to that energy for the next 7 years of your life (minimum)?

That’s 7 chakras that have been penetrated, not just your sexual center. That’s a lot of cleaning that has to take place for one night of living out a fantasy.

When we look at the chakra system, the lower chakras, the root and the sacral, are holding our sexual energy, our creative potential, and our life force. It is all too easy to connect on that level. That is the lower level of our being, which is why we are inundated with advertisements that are based on sex, “sex sells!”  

Our heart, our voice, our minds are so much higher up from the earth and so much closer to the cosmos, the vast oneness -that is the higher connection. Those chakras are a more foreign place for us to roam freely in comparison to the lower more earthly realm. Because the lower realm is so easily accessed it takes more work to bring the energy up. It takes more consciousness. 


Through tantric practices, yoga and meditation we can learn to raise this sensual energy from the base of the spine all the way up into the heart and beyond. We can also harness the upper energy and bring it down into our base. Doesn’t that sound lovely? In my eyes we would get the best of both worlds, the steamy knee shaking , instinctual animal lower realm with all of the compassion and truth of the heart and spirit. A total and complete connection.

I calmly and lovingly pulled myself away from him and made my way home.

This man has yet to prove that he wants to honor more than just my sexual being. If that’s all he wants then there is no loss to me in peeling myself away.

Sacrificing my spiritual and energetic body for one night of pleasure just doesn’t feel like a fair exchange. Not now, not ever.

Sex and living out sexual fantasy feels great in the moment but is fleeting. To raise the vibration in partnership is courageous. I realize that it’s up to me to set the example because this man and most likely allot of other men, and women for that matter, have no idea what it means to truly empower one another. It is just too easy to be ruled by that lower base energy, but who wants to do what’s easy when you can do what is the most transcendental.

With Love,


Co Founder, Yogi, Lover of Life

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