Monthly Mantra Meditation: Gemini / Mercury


Have you noticed yourself getting up earlier, your mind beginning to feel as if it’s working overtime?
An overall feeling to go, go, go!!!

Welcome the Gemini Sun!

I just adore Gemini’s! I have dated way too many and befriended even more. Maybe it’s the fact that Gemini is directly opposite my Sagittarius sun but I find it much too difficult to say no to that alluring twinkle in their eye. That childlike innocence and curiosity that can lead to almost anything, invites my Sagittarius nature to take flight into endless possibilities!

The planetary ruler of Gemini is Mercury which over sees all of our communications, our practical mind, technologies and transportation. Mercury commands our speech, communication, intellect and awareness. It is a quick moving planet bringing to mind restlessness and motion.It also governs our daily routines, the parts of our lives that are more practical and rooted in the here and now versus the higher spiritual visions of Sagittarius.

It also influences our relationship with our siblings and those people in our lives that feel a bit more on the brotherly sisterly side of things. It makes perfect sense that this is the time of year when we begin to re-enter the world, post winter, and socialize. Here in Brooklyn we find ourselves on rooftops, stoops, beaches and even making our way upstate into nature, adding just one more event, party or gathering to the to do list.

Can you see why our minds might feel more alive and possibly scattered right now?
The Gemini Sun is STRONG and we are only just beginning to pick up steam!


So what does all of this mean for you, dear reader?

1. Look to Gemini.
What planets in your Natal Astrology chart, if any, are in Gemini?

2. Look to Mercury.
Where is the planet of communications hanging out in your chart? What is it doing there?

3. Look to the Third house (traditionally ruled by Gemini)
What’s happening in that third house? What other planets and signs are hanging out in your communication, sibling, and short-term travel zone?

Now put all those symbols and descriptions together and what do you see, feel, intuit?

The beauty of astrology is that it is a study. You learn what’s what and then you draw your own conclusions. It’s always wise and recommended to go to a seasoned professional but with a little practice you too can begin to intuit your own chart and get to know yourself better!

Now for my favorite part of this monthly ritual, the mantra…

Om Sri Budhaya Namaha
“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of the planet Mercury”


This mantra is used to achieve mental clarity, to avoid and overcome misunderstandings and keep friendly communications flowing, much like a Buddha would. A Buddha is someone who has achieved enlightenment. A Bodhisattva is someone who has achieved enlightenment and then returns to the world to aid all sentient beings on their paths to Buddhahood.

Mercury is a portal for massive movement, direct communication, an opportunity to spread our message wide, far and fast.

What if that message was connected to our Buddha nature? Instead of just sitting with all that mental chatter in our minds, all that analytical knowledge (Mercury) lets draw those ideas down into our hearts (Buddha) and envision the impact that could resonate throughout humanity. Let’s challenge ourselves to take our work and our words even further, straight into the hearts of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Consider these themes as you approach your mantra meditation:

Are you communicating from your heart or from your mind?

How can you shift your ideas, projects, work life, visions, to create something that will benefit humanity for generations to come?

What are you projecting to the world via social platforms? How could this projection become more heart centered or helpful to others?

Thank you for your ongoing love and support.

It’s wonderful to be apart of the Brooklyn Light movement with you!

In Light and in Gratitude,

Explorer, Yogi, Lover of Life

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