It Is What It Is

Are these yoga videos really inspiring us to practice? I doubt it.

This was my very first “yoga pose” video. I had been hesitant to get on board the train for some time. I just never felt like my poses would compare in between the ex ballerina and former fashion model turned yogis.

Most of my “poses” are simple seated meditation. That’s just what yoga is for me, a practice to awaken our meditation, not this triumph of the physical that these photos seem to focus on.

While I honor and incorporate the physical side of yoga into my classes I am not a “rockstar ” physical yogi. I pay greater attention to the¬†subtle body, the teachings, mantras and meditation. This is just how my body works and it is the truth of my practice.¬†

It’s a whole other limb(s) of yoga but a difficult one to market. So here I am dancing in my underwear and calling it yoga. It is what it is.



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