You’ll Never Guess What Monsanto Fears the Most!


We’ve recently embarked on a 6 week meditation program for a progressive local business.

The idea is to give the employees enough of an experience around cultivating a meditation practice so that the team leaders can begin to implement meditation into the work flow. So smart!

In my research of corporate businesses looking to integrate meditation programs, the number one risk of having such a program is that employees may become too conscious of ethical / unethical practices by their employers. This was the very case with corporate giant Monsanto.

Apparently Monsanto had a run with a meditation program within the corporate offices. What happened? As the employees began to grow more conscious, they also began to quit. What happened next?

Monsanto cut the meditation program immediately.

Meditation is a powerful tool for awakening. There are many ways to cultivate this practice. You don’t have to be a yogi to meditate. It goes beyond all religions, race and class. It is accessible to all beings and one of the most precious tools we have for liberation.

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