200 Hour YTT India

The Great Awakening

Immersed in the loving energy of Mother India, receiving teachings from the source, illuminating the heart of yoga and awakening self, spirit, connection and community.

Rishikesh, India

April 1-30th, 2018

Jes and Amanda Jaipur

Join Jes Allen and Amanda Capobianco for an experience like no other. Jes and Amanda are two yoga teachers living in Brooklyn NY who travel the world offering transformational experiences through the practices of yoga, shamanism, reiki, sound vibration, ritual, self inquiry, expansion through cultural experience and LOVE!

Together, Jes and Amanda make up a collective 25 years experience in teaching yoga and lifetimes of practice in the art of divine living.

This course is meant for those interested to become yoga instructors and those seeking to deepen their understanding of spiritual practice as fuel for a happier, creative and more abundant life.


A Day in Your Rishikesh Life

7am-10am Asana & Meditation

10am-12pm Brunch & Sutra Study

12:15-1:15pm Asana & Anatomy

1:15pm-4pm Free Time

4pm-6pm Workshop

6:30pm Meditation on the Ganga

7pm-9pm Dinner & Discussion

*schedule will change according to studies




Package Includes 

200 Hour Training and Manuel




Not Included


Local transportation

Reading material (reading list will be sent upon registration)

Lunch & Dinner

Extra Rishikesh offerings including Ayurvedic Treatments, Astrology Readings, Spirit Purchases & Chai.





Practice, Techniques & Training 

Complete study and practice of the physical aspects of Hatha-Vinyasa yoga. Students will practice all techniques including asanas, pranayamas (breathing techniques), kriyas (detoxing/cleansing techniques), mudras (symbolic gestures), bandhas (energy locks), meditation, chanting mantras and basic Sanskrit.


Yoga Anatomy & Ayurveda 

Complete study of both human physical and physiology anatomy as well as the anatomy of the subtle body including koshas, chakras, nadis and beyond. The Ayurvedic system will be studied to integrate general wellness of mind, body and spirit, promoting balance with the changes of season. Practices will include physical self care and diet along with specific tools for creating a well rounded class according to each Dosha and season.



Students will be required to practice teach, demonstrate and assist to the entire training group, stepping into the role of a teacher. With the support of the group and leaders of the program students will be guided in their teachings to become confident in holding space and delivering class.


Yoga Philosophy 

Ancient Yoga Philosophy speaks to the heart of every practicing yogi. The rich and vast knowledge of these texts describe the journey the yogi is undergoing, offering tools and insights to better help the practitioner along the way.

Yoga history and philosophy not only helps to guide us as practitioners but can deeply inspire how we carry ourselves as teachers. It colors our classes by way of inspirational themes and Dharma. While it appears as an intellectual study, the magic of these texts is that they open our intuition taking us much deeper into the heart of the journey of yoga.

This course will also cover the history of yoga and include the following major philosophical texts; The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Bhagavad Gita, as well as texts that we have found useful and relevant to our own teaching practice such as Ganesha Goes to Lunch and The Upanishads.


Yoga Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

Includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting / correcting, instruction, teaching styles, help with setting up your own yoga classes and even social media, marketing and business need-to-know.

For the sincere practitioner, yoga eventually moves from a physical practice to a personal lifestyle. In this module, we will discuss how to gradually allow your personal practice to organically grow into seamless state of living your yoga. To put it simply, we mean to practice what we preach. We also give ourselves compassionate room to evolve as students and as teachers. We all make mistakes and yoga is something to continually strive to perfect yet no one is expected to be perfect.

Using the Yamas and Niyamas as our backbone we will discuss various ethical scenarios such as:

Honoring our home practice and personal sadhana

Relationships, dating and community

Studio politics and private clients,


Business of Yoga

This module covers all of your questions from beginning your teaching career to pricing your services to leading exotic and enriching retreats. Having taught in some of the best studios in NYC for a collective 20 years, we are a wealth of information regarding the ins and outs of teaching yoga as a business while not selling out your soul.


Social media

How to get a teaching job




Astrology for Yogis

Astrology is a foundational study to our human nature. Think of it like a GPS navigation system for life. By understanding the planets, signs and their functions we can better utilize our personal practices to bring balance and harmony into our lives.

Astrology can give us insight into our daily practice as well as our private clients and group classes. This module will open the gates to the astrological realm and educate each student on how to begin a practice of studying the stars.


In our study of Shamanism, we will learn how to connect with nature, the elements and other wisdom teachings as a ritualistic practice to tap into unseen support for our work. We will engage in simple practices that awakens our ability to connect symbols and synchronistic experiences as a way to receive guidance, both inner and outer, from nature herself.




Shared Room – $3000.00

Private Room – $3600.00

Pay a non refundable $700.00 deposit to reserve your spot anytime after November 1st. After which, a payment plan will be made available with all funds due on or before February 1st, 2018.




Upon completion of your deposit we will be in touch via email regarding more details of the journey, how best to prepare and any materials you should purchase beforehand.

You will also be connected to other students to share flight information and transportation details while traveling to and from Rishikesh. We will also help coordinate on our end to the best of our ability.

India is a magical place where transformation is imminent. Come prepared to dive deep into the exploration of your heart, mind and spirit.