My Top 5 Remedies for Turbulent Times

Feeling some feelings right about now? As we approach the new moon in Cancer which also happens to be a solar eclipse and a SUPER moon we might be feeling a bit, um, intense right about now. CAN YOU FEEL IT? Eclipses can usher in major changes in our life path and relationships. I like to think of [...]

What to Expect when Amma Comes to Town!

Amma is coming to NYC! Curious to know what to expect in the presence of a living saint? Read on for my guide to undertaking an Amma program. Amma is known as the hugging saint of India. She will be in NYC July 4ththrough the 6thencouraging selfless service, togetherness and love! Amma travels the world [...]

Getting Hugged by the Hugging Saint of India  

What is it like to receive a hug from Amma? Clearly it's different and deeply personal for everyone who decides to seek out a hug. I took the easy entry in by going to a daytime program here in NYC back in 2010. In retrospect and in comparison to the all-night Devi Bhava, it just [...]

MANTRA SADHANA: An Intertribal Cosmic Ritual

Learn to Chant Mantra! In this monthly gathering, we draw upon various practices and rituals from the sacred traditions of humanity to co-create a ceremonial offering towards universal consciousness, ourselves and the planet. We will explore various Mantras including Sanskrit, a Four Directions Altar, Sacred Songs, Meditation and Breath as a tool to direct our [...]

Words of Encouragement from a Jupiter in Scorpio Survivor!

During this past Scorpio New Moon Phase, I conducted a self-tarot reading and was guided to meditate on the concept of cycles. What cycle am I finishing up? What cycle am I about to step into? The underlying message being to finish whatever needs completing within this last cycle before moving full on into the [...]

One Way to Radically Change Your Life!

Longing to quit your awful job? Thinking of relocating to a new city? Did you just graduate college and haven't a clue what to do now? It might seem wild, but a 30 day yoga immersion might be just what you need to make sense of things. Yoga Trainings are amazing in that they provide [...]

5 Tips to Help you Choose a Yoga Training in India! 

Allot of Teacher Training Programs in India are total shams!!! It might look great to spend only a little bit of money for a 30-day training but in the end students learn absolutely nothing about the reality of teaching yoga in the western world. They leave confused, disempowered and aren't able to get teaching jobs [...]

Illuminate the Dark

  Namaste! Its been a very powerful last few weeks. Astrologically speaking there have been huge shifts in the sky as we are called deeper into the truth of our work, relationships and creativity. The planet is surely speaking to us through the elements of FIRE, WATER and AIR. It is heartbreaking to witness such [...]

Open Space and Transformation

The world feels so opened up right now, almost too opened up. It’s the type of open that can leave you feeling breathless. When we step into a moment of our lives or even a physical location where there is just so much space, something precarious begins to happen. All of our stuff begins to [...]

Action Steps for Total Transformation

With the Sun in the sign of Cancer, we are currently swimming in our inner worlds of feeling, emotion and creative visions. For some, you will feel right at home. But for most of us, it is a time that leaves us wondering “what the heck am I doing with my life right now?!” The [...]

Astrology of Venus

When Venus is in Taurus With Venus in its home sign of money, for you and for everyone there could be a greater emphasis on obtaining security through material gain. Sensual pleasures become more important and you might notice a greater appetite for all forms of physical gratification. You could experience jealousy in love matters [...]

Astrology of the Moon

The Moon spends two and a half days in each sign. With the Moon in Sagittarius, a joyful and exploratory emotional nature comes to the surface. Today you and everyone around you will be feeling the need to wander and to be a free spirit. There's an impulsive and restless quality to your instincts, and [...]

Tending the Fire of Tapas

Namaste! These last couple of days I have been noticing allot more resistance in myself than usual to getting ANYTHING done. I have been asking myself all sorts of questions to try and understand why. Was it a planetary shift? Maybe. Am I secretly mad at someone? I don’t think so. God, I hope not! [...]

Yoga Teaching Tips for the Soul!

Choosing to become a yoga instructor was an organic process. I wasn’t working 9-5 and looking for a way out. I was searching for a way in. Yoga was introduced to me in college. I went to school for acting, which was allot like playschool for adults. I absolutely hated yoga in the beginning. I [...]

Philosophy for the Urban Yogi

Namaste! I return to you from India with a full heart and a more quiet mind. Taking the time to step outside of my "western world self" is never something I regret doing. Thank you so much for making this possible! Without you, I am not sure that it would have happened at all. I [...]

Dharma to Moksha; A Lesson for Yogis from an Avid Traveler.

The ancient and new-ancient yogis agree, no life is completely lived without the achievement of the four following goals. Dharma: the goal of fulfilling the duties assigned to us by our positions in society; Artha: the goal of accumulating possessions in the course of fulfilling our Dharma; Kama: the goal of satisfying legitimate desires with [...]

Mantra Meditation: Pisces and Neptune

"Now is the time to travel deep within and clear what no longer is serving our souls mission. With the Sun in Pisces we gain access to a more compassionate and sensitive mode of interacting while penetrating the secret depths of our beings. We become more aware of the divine within us." - Time Passages [...]

Mantra Meditation: Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn

Millions marched across the world in unity against the newly sworn in US president Donald J. Trump. Signs were read, voices were heard, and the consciousness of the world awoke. Many more watched from thier computer screens and television sets the incredible numbers of those marching across our great planet. This is a perfect example of [...]

Best Yoga in Brooklyn

"Best Yoga Teacher in Brooklyn" My yoga classes are safe, fun, intelligent, metaphysical, anatomical, sometimes flowing, sometimes not flowing, upbeat, low beat, shamanic, ceremonial and for all bodies. I suggest you come find me, introduce yourself, tell me your likes and dislikes about yoga, life and everything, take class and see if we are a [...]

Mantra Meditation: Capricorn and Saturn

  “With the sun in Capricorn and especially in the beginning of this period at the Winter Solstice, everyone’s goals and ambitions shine. This is the season of building for sake of the social matrix that surrounds us, and we take the honors that accrue as the symbol of our success in that important endeavor. [...]

What to Expect and Where to Stay in Arambol Beach

Not everyone is prepared for the type of accommodations Arambol Beach Goa has to offer. If this is your first time traveling to Arambol you will most likely be the happiest staying close to the beach. This means you will want to stay in a beach hut on the beach or very near by. Here’s what [...]

Yoga School on a Budget

By now you know that what I love is offering transformational experiences and doing so at an affordable rate. I call this transformational leadership. I just don’t think its necessary for you to spend so much money to advance your education or your quality of life. We all deserve to explore and grow! Teacher trainings and [...]

How a Yoga Teacher Training Course In India Can Impact Your Life!

With so many yoga teacher-training courses in the world, deciding which one is right for you can be tough.   Do you stay at a studio close to home or adventure out to a foreign country? I have trained students in local environments and also abroad. Both have pros and cons. I lead a 200 [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Sagittarius and Jupiter!

My teacher’s teacher says that Sagittarius, symbolized by the centaur holding a bow and arrow, aims to shoot its arrows into the heart of the cosmos, the center of the universe. Welcome the Sagittarius Sun! Sagittarians are truth seekers and freedom fighters of the spirit. Forever seeking, learning and teaching. We (Yes, I am a [...]

Light in the Shadows

I am forever grateful to be here in this time and space with you all. It is not easy being a light worker. It is not easy being awake and conscious. But as conscious beings on the path of light our only option is to continue, in dark times, to cast our light into the [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Scorpio /Mars/Pluto

"With the sun in scorpio depth of perception becomes the norm. Everyone becomes much more aware of the mysteries of life. We are sensitive to the dark spaces within our own souls and more tuned in as well to depth connection with others around us." -Time Passages  There are high functioning Scorpios and there are [...]

How to Develop an Unshakable Spirit

 This past week has been one where I have felt the true fruits of my practice protecting and guiding me the entire way.    When we first begin practicing (most anything) there is an excitement and enthusiasm at the newness of it all. Finally we've set our priorities and committed to something that is going [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Libra and Venus

As I sit down to write the Libra Sun sits at 11 degrees. We are just beginning to steep in the harmonious energy of this lovely Sun sign. The leaves are beginning to fall here in Brooklyn. The temperature has dropped a bit and the conversation on the table is, “What and Who do I [...]

In Defense of Healing

Not all yoga studios will allow me the space to truly express the work that I do. When I am alone with clients, one on one or in smaller private groups, we are able to take the experience much deeper so that the practice reaches its full potential. It is as if these studios are [...]

Yoga Teacher Training India!

Our Teacher Training Course is a journey to empowerment. We empower yogis to develop a soul-centered practice that can one day be confidently shared with the world around them in an effort to spread the health, light, and love of yoga to all people of the Earth. We translate the traditions of yoga for the [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Virgo/Mercury

Wow! This end of summer breeze is beginning to ground my feet into the earth again. It no longer feels like such an uphill battle to get all of the little things taken care of, those day to day tasks and to do’s. In fact, I am feeling a sense of momentum and joy as [...]

Mantra Meditation: Leo / The Sun!

Planetary Mantra: The Sun Astrological Sign: Leo I feel fortunate to say that I can actually feel the sun’s rays lighting up my heart. Swimming in an ocean of emotion with Cancer’s crab last month invited healing and feeling in the heart and home. It wasn’t always comfortable but it was necessary. With the sun [...]

Sex and the Yogini

I went on a “date” last weekend with someone who I am shockingly and overwhelmingly attracted to. It’s been a very long time, if ever, that I have felt such an instantaneous and deeply sensual compatibility and attraction with someone. It literally came so far out of left field that I was left a bit [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Gemini / Mercury

Have you noticed yourself getting up earlier, your mind beginning to feel as if it’s working overtime? An overall feeling to go, go, go!!! Welcome the Gemini Sun! I just adore Gemini’s! I have dated way too many and befriended even more. Maybe it's the fact that Gemini is directly opposite my Sagittarius sun but [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Venus/ Taurus

Can you feel the subtle shift in the air? We’ve had some time to welcome the initial spark of spring (Aries) and to throw ourselves back in the game of life. With the Sun now in Taurus, we look to the rewards of that game and how those rewards bring forth a sense of security [...]

Humble Brag…

"Amanda is a truly unique human and that uniqueness appears in her yoga teachings. she has a great balance of the spiritual world as well as the realities of living on the earth specifically in NYC. Her words and information she shares always seem to hit exactly on what issues or things I was thinking [...]

Monthly Mantra Meditation: Turning Anger into Gold!

Greetings from the "Land of the Gods" otherwise known as Rishikesh, India. This place is magical, the vibration deep. The Ganga flows fresh here and the mountains hold mantras chanted for thousands of years by devotees, sadhus and gurus worldwide. It is of no coincidence that great things can happen here; realizations, visions, healing and [...]

Throwback!Retreat to India 2016

We epically combined a yoga vacation with the tail end of our 200 hour teacher training in  India. This brilliant move gave more bodies for our YTT train-ies to practice on. It also put them in the position of seeing exactly what goes down when you go on retreat. Guiding people in foreign places isn't [...]

Throwback! INDIA YTT 2016

Can you imagine living beach~side for a month while going deep into the study and practice of yoga? There is still time to sign up and join the adventure! Our program is unique in that it weaves in the teachings of astrology and shamanism while offering post YTT graduate support to help you build your [...]

You’ll Never Guess What Monsanto Fears the Most!

We've recently embarked on a 6 week meditation program for a progressive local business. The idea is to give the employees enough of an experience around cultivating a meditation practice so that the team leaders can begin to implement meditation into the work flow. So smart! In my research of corporate businesses looking to integrate [...]